21st Mar2019

CAMcast 176: Florida Man & Ask Us Anything!

What do the CAMcast crew and Florida Man have in common?

19th Mar2019

CAMcast 175: $1 Bob

Bid on your showcase showdown, and then settle in for CAMcast 175!  Mike, Dave, and Zack welcome estranged Pizza Dad Brandon back to the basement, and they...

14th Mar2019

CAMcast 174: NASA Utah Overlords

You ready to hear a lot of stories from Matt and Dave of NASA Utah?!?  Well great news!  Matt and Dave tell us how the region started,...

12th Mar2019

CAMcast 173: Tesla Backtracks

Episode 173 has not 1, BUT 2 GUESTS!  Matt Guiver and Dave Kizerian of NASA Utah join Mike, Dave and Zack to talk about Tesla hiking prices...

07th Mar2019

CAMcast 172: Can Good Be Boring?

Can good be boring?  It’s a question we discuss after Mike declared that he bounced off of this season of The Grand Tour.  Gavin, Mike, and Zack...

06th Mar2019

GT Sport Challenge Season 2!

Season 2 of the CAM GT Sport Lap Time Challenge is upon us! This will be a 14 week championship consisting of 10 race weekends with 4...

05th Mar2019

CAMcast 171: Model 3 Sacrifices

Welcome back to the podcast that definitely needs a bigger table!  Mike, Dave, and Zack welcome Gavin back to the basement, exchange pleasantries, and talk about the...

03rd Mar2019

Dispatches From WA: Caffeine & Gasoline Ferrari Edition.

It was a cold sub freezing morning, but that didn’t stop the masses from showing up for what was scheduled as the Ferrari showcase at Griot’s Garage...

28th Feb2019

CAMcast 170 with the Queen of Rad!

HER RAD HIGHNESS WISHES TO ADDRESS THE PEOPLE!  But before we give Madison Eskelson room to tell you about her rad fleet of cars, and starting RADwood...

26th Feb2019

CAMcast 169: Pedestrian Carnage!

CAMcast 169 is here to remind you that you need to pay attention while you’re driving, especially if you’re in a BMW X1.  Mike, Dave, Zack, and...