29th Sep2010

Honda Challenge Day 3

by Michael Chandler

There were two qualifying sessions on Day 3: a fifteen minute mid-morning outing and a twenty-five race in the afternoon. Neither were as eventful as the previous days’, but problems arose nonetheless.

I arrived during the American Iron morning session, and made it to my chosen turn as they were on their cool down lap. On the way to said turn I ran into another photographer. He informed me that I was going to be kicked off the track because of the color of my shirt. That day I wore a red shirt. He said the drivers would see my shirt and think it was a red flag, and they would stop. I thanked him for his concern, and continued on my way. Thankfully none of the drivers stopped because of my red shirt. I shot more photos of Kris’s camouflaged RSX, and finally got some on track photos of Randy’s.(Click ‘Continue Reading’…)


28th Sep2010

The cat has been unleashed: Dodge Charger SRT8

by Trent

Black Charger SRT8This 2006 Charger SRT8 wowed me. I don’t get surprised by vehicles often, especially having previously owned a Charger SRT8 myself, but this one had me floored. Probably not for the reasons you’d suspect though.


24th Sep2010

CAM at Honda Challenge: Day 2

by Michael Chandler

Problems with Kris’s car were diminished, but a problem with Randy’s car ended his day and threatened to ruin his weekend. I decided to bring my Olympus XA2 film camera, loaded with Kodak Ektachrome slide film along today and get some shots that you normally don’t see…and won’t see until I get the film back from the lab and scanned.

The morning session was over by the time I woke up. The day before convinced me that Kris’s car was the problem child, and that Randy’s was content to be boring and not have any sort of catastrophic problem. Unfortunately I was wrong. While I was asleep, one of the H2 cars (a red Civic with yellow flames) caught fire and Randy’s car encountered a catastrophic problem. I wouldn’t know what the problem was until I arrived, but I knew it was something related to the motor because Frank of Supremacy Racing said “Randy hurt his motor” on Facebook. I quickly closed the instrument of the Personal Digital Apocalypse, grabbed my bag and rushed out to Tooele.


22nd Sep2010

CAM at Honda Challenge: Day 1

by Michael Chandler

The NASA Honda Challenge has already been decided. If you’re looking for the results they’ll be found elsewhere. This is not about the race, or the results. This is about what it takes to be in the race. The championship race took place on a Saturday afternoon, but the people you are about to read about had been sleeping in a trailer under the grandstands at Miller Motorsports Park since Tuesday. I had no idea how intense, frantic, amazing, and disappointing a ninety-six hour period could be and I’m sure most of you have no idea also. So please allow Kris McCoy, Randy Gibb, Jason Smith, Eric Smart, Mauricio, Fernando, and Crew Chief Eric show you what went on during this particular week of racing.

Kris’s car was in pieces when I arrived. It was NASA Nationals, and Kris McCoy and Randy Gibb had their Acura RSX Type-S’s in the Honda Challenge. They had pulled the wiring harness and were rebuilding it. The wheels, tires and hood were off of the camouflage RSX. It was an “all hands on deck” situation, and everyone (including your fearless writer/photographer) got their hands dirty getting Kris out to the afternoon practice session… (Click ‘Continue Reading’ below) (more…)

20th Sep2010

Letter from the Photo Director: September

by Trent

Where The Cool Kids Are

The other day I went to a track day at the local road course to shoot some photos. I made the decision to trek around the track in the heat and sun months ago. I was excited and was looking forward to seeing some friends and some cars. It was going to be another awesome day out on the road course, but then I heard something interesting…(click ‘Continue Reading’ below) (more…)

16th Sep2010

Auto Failure Winner: The Story

by Trent

As you recently found out, Kyle from Ohio won our auto failure contest, here is his story.

“The victim is a mildly modded 1991 Talon TSi AWD. One morning this winter I was heading down my driveway on my way to school. My driveway is 1/4 mile long and gravel. Some parts of the driveway dip down and like to hold water all winter, and anytime after rain. During the winter the water usually freezes over and makes going down it a breeze. As I was going down the driveway i came to the last ice puddle. When i got about half way through, the ice broke (I know it doesnt sound that bad). But when there are now 1/2” chunks of ice penitrataing your new front mount and ripping off the bottom of your front bumper it becomes a bigger deal. And that was only the beginning at the end of this water puddle there was a build up of ice. With my car being lowered it did not make it up it. Well i should refraise that, it didnt make it up it unharmed. The build up of ice got cought on the intercooler and ripped it off and then i procedeed to run it and the piping still connected to it over. I think it is safe to say i was late to school that morning. “

CAM Auto Failure Winner

Fortunately Kyle got the car fixed up and it looks better than ever now. Thanks Kyle and all the others who submitted their story.

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15th Sep2010

Ken Block’s Gymkhana

by Trent

You’ve all seen it, Ken Block and Gymkhana. He started a rage recently with Gymkhana. Now the question is, with the release of Gymkhana 3 yesterday, what is your favorite? View the videos as a refresher after the jump.

Gymkhana Part 1

Gymkhana Part 2

Gymkhana Part 3

So what do you think? Hit us up in the comments.

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13th Sep2010

The high price of being low: VW GTI VR6

by Trent

It’s all about stance. You want a car that looks good where the wheels, tires, and ride height come together as one perfect union. Sometimes there’s a price to pay for lowering your car, usually the first thing to go is a front lip or sideskirts, but what about a motor? (more…)

08th Sep2010

Contest Winner

by Trent

XBox and Forza 3 ContestCongratulations to Kyle from Ohio! Kyle won our contest with the story of his DSM being attacked by ice. The story will be posted soon. The XBox and Forza 3 is on its way to you Kyle. Thank you to all the contest entrants. We’ll keep you posted on our next contest.

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06th Sep2010

Letter from the Editor: September

by Trent

Have you ever gotten an itch you can’t scratch? The one that is in that hard to reach spot on your back and it’ll just eat at you until you scratch it? Yeah, we all know that feeling, it’s called the Project Car itch. There have been many times that I have had this itch and I’ve had varying results trying to scratch it. One time it was a 1983 Accord. Another was a 1987 Chevy Blazer. Then there was my 02 Civic Si. And my biggest project so far that is still a work-in-progress is my 01 S2000.
Recently, I got rid of my 425HP daily driver for a 142HP daily driver. There are plenty of reasons for me doing this, but now that I’ve done so, I can feel the itch, it’s coming on strong. It puts crazy ideas in my head. “It’s been a while since I put a turbo on anything” is one train of thought. “Wonder what this car would be like on a road course” is another. No matter what the train of thought, it’s a sickness that turns a perfectly good and reliable mode of daily transportation into a headache that aspirin can’t relieve and a cut that a bandage won’t heal. But man is it satisfying when it’s done…if it gets done. It’s the price you pay for wanting something unique or competitive or just loud.
Think about what sucked you in, was it a Cold Air Intake, a Muffler, or a clean bodykit. What created your latest itch? Personally, what got me going on this latest itch is the fact that I see the exact same car every day and I can’t stand that. I want my car to be different, even if it means putting on bright pink wheels. Don’t worry, I’m not going to put bright pink wheels on, but just something that says, “Hey, that’s Trent’s car”.

Let us know what causes your project car itch at mailbag[at]camautomag.com

Until Next Time…

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