29th Jul2011

From The Archives: Ferrari Challenge

by Michael Chandler

I, you’re humble photographer, have been shooting photos long before CAMautoMag became what it is today.  Before I had a place to display these photos, I would either throw them up on my Flickr page, put them up on my blog (which has long since been orphaned), or just sit on them until I forgot I shot them.  I never forgot about these particular photos, and now I’m giving them the stage they deserve. (more…)

28th Jul2011

The Next…Acura Integra

by Trent

2 Yellow Integra Type R'sUsually when I type up one of these “The Next…” articles, I have a clear idea of what the next car in line is to replace something. But how do you replace a legend, the one that got so many people into modifying cars? And the best question is, is there anything like the Integra out there anymore? This is not your normal “The Next…” article, check out why after the jump. (more…)

27th Jul2011

Photo Post 3

by Trent

We all know that you love photos of modified cars, and well, we enjoy taking photos of modified cars here at CAMautoMag which kind of works out well for us both. Lately we’ve traveled to Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, Georgia, and Miller Motorsports Park and these are some pics from those trips. We’ve got more on our plate though, and plenty more pics to come, so expect more of these photo-only posts. With the new site, we’re about more pictures, so instead of the usual 5 photos in a photo post, here’s another photo post for you with a few more. Check out the car pictures after the jump. (more…)

26th Jul2011

Sticker giveaway!

by Trent

CAMAutoMag.Com StickersWe are working on some new stickers at the moment, so that means the old ones must go. I only have 8 blue, 8 black, and 3 red left. If you want one, let me know your name, address, and color preference at tbray [at] camautomag.com.

25th Jul2011

New site design!

by Trent

CAMautoMag old site designFirst off, let me say Thank you! CAMautoMag is living the dream, we are sharing our passion of cars and we couldn’t do it without you. This site design has been in the works for some time now, but it is finally ready to go.

Welcome to CAMautoMag version 2.0! We’ve maintained this original design since we first launched this site in May of 2010. We’ve done minor updates to it over the course of the year, but nothing dramatic, this time is different. We are focusing much more on photos and videos now, and we wanted the new site design to reflect that. With the new site design, we are also changing the logo up a bit, we will be operating as CAMautoMag instead of CAM Auto Magazine or CAM or another variation on that, this is to help unify our brand and make it easier to find us on the web.

Also with a new site, we’ve updated our ‘About Us’ page, and changed it to ‘The Staff’ so you can get better acquainted with who we are and our background in cars. Check it out.

And since we’re talking about new things, we’ve added a few events to our upcoming schedule.

August 10 – Wide Open Wednesday at Miller Motorsports Park
August 20 – Wekfest Chicago, IL
August 20-21 – MPRA/LapBattle.Com Time Attack at Miller Motorsports Park
August 27-28 – Redline Time Attack Series at Miller Motorsports Park [canceled]
September 3 – Pace Days

Feel free to browse around the site and let us know what you like and dislike. Feel free to comment or email me at tbray [at] camautomag.com

-Trent Bray

22nd Jul2011

CAMautoMag visits the Corvette Museum

by Trent

Corvette America's Sports car
No matter where you are in life, and no matter your vehicle preference, you have to respect the Corvette and what it has done for sports cars throughout the years. With this genuflection, CAMautoMag took a visit to Bowling Green, KY when we were in Nashville for Import Alliance. Check out the Corvette history after the jump. (more…)

21st Jul2011

MPRA Round 4

by Michael Chandler

Mustang in garageJuly 16th was round 4 of the MPRA race season. Everyone brought out their A game that day, and sometimes it got a little heated… (more…)

20th Jul2011

Drifting July 16

by Michael Chandler

LapBattle.com has been kind enough to host a drift event during the weekend of Lap Battle events, and this last event was no exception. It was the same as its always been, with one big exception… (more…)

20th Jul2011

Lap Battle Round 4

by Michael Chandler

The weekend of July 16 marked the 4th round for the LapBattle.com Time Attack series at Miller Motorsports Park.  And it was an interesting weekend all around.  How interesting was it?  Well find out after the jump! (more…)

19th Jul2011

July 13 Wide Open Wednesday Session

by Michael Chandler

Second Wednesday of the month means another Wide Open Wednesday session out at Miller Motorsports Park.  This particular session was special: it was the biggest Wide Open Wednesday event they’ve ever had!  The gallery and something else lurks after the jump… (more…)