27th Sep2011

The Blueprint: Nissan 240SX

by Michael Chandler

If you’ve seen the drifting coverage we’ve previously had, then you know of the car featured here. What you might not know are all of the gritty details of how this S13 coupe came to be the silver, purple and green beast it is today. Let us begin with the obvious question: why a 1JZ? (more…)

22nd Sep2011

Drifting returns!

by Michael Chandler

After a brief absence drifting made a return to Miller Motorsports Park!  Seeing everyone out there really tied the weekend together… (more…)

21st Sep2011

MPRA 2011 Round 6

by Michael Chandler

We’re 6 rounds in to the 2011 MPRA season, but just because it’s getting cooler outside doesn’t mean the drivers are taking it easy. (more…)

20th Sep2011

LapBattle.com Time Attack September 17

by Michael Chandler

A lot of memorable things happened at Miller Motorsports Park on Saturday, but the one thing everyone is talking about is Brendon wrecking his orange Evo.

UPDATE: Brendon sent us the footage of the crash from his in-car camera! (more…)

12th Sep2011

Wide Open Wednesday – September 7

by Michael Chandler


The September 7 Wide Open Wednesday session was the last event on the big track, and to show their thanks the folks at Miller Motorsports Park gave the participants a present… (more…)

05th Sep2011

UtahPace.com PACE Day 2011

by Michael Chandler

Lotus Seven SR20DET

For the second year UtahPace.com threw its PACE Day meet, and this meet had everything: European cars, JDM steel, American icons, and even a DJ! (more…)