December 4, 2022

A Day in the Life

It’s been busy here at CAMautoMag, even if the site doesn’t seem to reflect that. We’re busy with a canyon cruise coming up and working on new ideas for the site. Yesterday I decided I needed to show what our day was like.

I got working about 9am uploading and spreading the word about by latest [func-shun] video. But the day really started off about 11am when Mike(he gets a late start) needed to take his brother’s ailing Nissan Altima down to Nip N’ Tuck Performance. This was convenient since Dustin made some changes to the shop and wanted us to come down and see what was new. I wisely made the decision to bring my least reliable vehicle(the Viper) to play support vehicle.

The showroom was looking nice and we documented the changes, enjoyed some of Dustin’s wife’s chocolate chip cookies with double stuff Oreo’s inside(hint to any other shops wanting features, MOAR cookies!), and challenged the crew to finish the laundry list of problems on Mike’s brother’s car in 1 hour. At this point we were joined by Dave who literally lives a stone’s throw from Nip N’ Tuck and Tommy dropped by during his “lunch break”.


In just one hour and 17 minutes, the job was complete! During this time Dave and I decided to switch cars to something less brutal(the CC). Upon our return, we broke out the video cameras for a healthy combination of magic and awkwardness. By the time that was done, we had to head to pick up some food and get to a previously scheduled shoot.

And what a shoot it was! Expect it next week. The Nissan Juke that wanted to pass, backed off after these flames were spitting game. We’d planned to hit the late night drag races at the track and had an hour or so to kill after the shoot, so we did what car guys do and headed to my house to play Forza 4. We met Tommy back out at the track along with some more car friends and managed to clear out an entire section of the track with our loud, obnoxious banter, but we had to support a couple local Evo’s that are easily 10-second cars, but fear of breaking parts lead to 12.1 and 12.0 second runs.

After the races, we hit up everyone’s favorite late night eatery, Denny’s where, like men, we enjoyed hot chocolate and breakfast fare.

We rolled out and went our separate ways from there, but we all got home about 3:30-4am after starting at 11:30am. More days like this need to happen. And now, some parting shots of the crew.


Shot, edited, and posted from my iPhone, while holding my 1-month old daughter in my arms. Please excuse formatting mistakes.
-Trent Bray, All rights reserved.