September 25, 2022

A Giant NASA Gallery For Your Weekend

BEHOLD! A giant gallery from the first NASA Utah Saturday of the year!  And it’s giant in a couple ways

  1. There are 260 photos in the gallery
  2. The photos are larger than they have been in the past

Why are they larger, Mike? So you can share them easier on social media, or make them your desktop wallpaper.  Why did you do this?  So I’m not charging you $1-$5 for a downloadable version from my SmugMug page. (Speaking of, head over there and grab some prints or coasters or something)  All we ask of you is that when you download and share any of these images you don’t crop out our watermark, and that you mention/tag us.  You get big photos for free, and we get that many more eyeballs on us.  More eyeballs mean we will be able to do more stuff, like travel with some of you guys to your various out of state events!  Everybody wins!


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