February 2, 2023

Analog Photos from SEMA

Hi there!  How were your holidays?  That’s great.  Ours?  They were good.  I gots me a scanner for Christmas, which I’ve been DYING for.  Why have I been dying for a scanner?  Because at SEMA last year I had the genius idea to shoot a roll of film (you know, that stuff your parents used) every day at the show.  Unfortunately the plan stumbled out of the blocks and I only shot one roll, BUT WHAT A ROLL!  It was on the day before the show officially opened, so it’s all outside stuff except for two shots

For the film geeks: Fuji Sensia 400 shot at -2 and developed at -1, shot with my trusty Olympus XA2

For everyone else: sit back and enjoy

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Words and photos by Michael Chandler

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