January 24, 2021

And So It Began: Salt City Drift


It’s that glorious time of the year: the time where people are scrambling for cheap tires, random KA parts, and whatever else they need to get their buckets out for some legal drifting!  Yes, the Salt City Drift season is on!  And the first event, despite being kinda chilly and rather breezy, was pretty cool.  Let’s discuss why it was cool, and why you should’ve made it out to RMR.



First, you got to see some stuff out ripping.  Live, and in person.  Stuff like Scott’s twin turbo, LS powered S13, David’s E36, and Josh’s LS E46.  Scott and David ended their days with issues, but Josh kept smoking the place out.




Sweet souvenirs for some lucky fans/media people.


You could’ve seen friend of the program, partner in Vxii Lifestyle, driving coach, and racing driver James Burke try his hand at drifting!


Unsurprisingly, he’s not half bad at it.  And that’s just some of what you missed!  Check out the gallery to see the rest of the stuff you missed.  

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