November 27, 2022

2011 Mustang GT – Does This Grab Your Attention?

The 2011 Mustang GT is, in my opinion, the best modern pony car you can buy. You can see out of it, unlike the Camaro, and it handles well, unlike the Challenger. In stock trim it’s a good car, but this one is even better.

First let’s discuss the canvas that is a stock ’11 GT. New is a DOHC 32 valve 5.0 liter V8 with variable valve timing. It’s a completely new engine, and something that in the minds of many (*COUGH COUGH*) needed to be done. It’s stiffer than the outgoing model, thanks to a new Z brace. And, as you can see behind the 19 inch wheels, the Brembo brakes from the GT500 are available as an option.

Now that we’ve covered that, let’s talk about the modifications.

The Grabber Blue on this Mustang is enough to garner a few stares even before you realize it has received the full Ford Racing Performance Parts make over. The Handling Pack which includes new stiffer shocks, firmer springs, and beefier sway bars set out to sharpen the handling senses of the live axle’d coupe. While the stock 5.0 V8 provides a healthy 412 Horsepower, it doesn’t have quite the sound it should have so a Ford Racing cat back exhaust was bolted on provide additional power and make the car sound more aggressive. Freeing up even more power is a Ford Racing Cold Air Intake.

A custom tuner unlocks power hidden within the ECU while tinted windows help keep the driver and passenger hidden from unwanted looks and sun rays. Speaking of the driver, he shifts through all six gears of the Tremec transmission via a short shifter.

The Mustang sounds as good as it looks, and it looks great. But the best part is, it’s modified and still carries the all important factory warranty. How many cars out there can say that?

Words and Photos by Michael Chandler

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