01st Oct2018

The CAM Fall Collection!

by Trent

We’ve been hard at work, and have finally got our fall collection up and going! From a tote bag, to long sleeves, and even a zip up hoodie, you are covered! We are now also releasing a new color logo t-shirt each month, this month, orange! Thanks as always for the support, you rock!

Click on the pictures to take you to the product page.

CAMautoMag long sleeve shirtCAM tote bagOctober CAM Limited shirtCAM Zip Up HoodieHave you seen Pizza Dad shirt?

23rd May2018

Doin’ Hard Time

by Trent

    As I talked about in the Cars N Copters coverage post, more happened to make it an interesting trip. This is that story. 

    Being that I wanted to have a fun car after flying into Long Beach, I wanted to get something that will fit in with all the PCH Bentley’s and Ferrari’s, but on a Buick budget. That led to a Polaris Slingshot on Turo. The price was right, and despite not being too fast, the fun factor is high. I had fun…for 3 hours…

    Tommy picked me up from the airport at 8am, I went and picked up the Slingshot before we headed over to Lamborghini Newport Beach for their get together. We saw some great vehicles and headed out. Wanting to get one last look, we drove by the show again and were greeted by a Costa Mesa motorcycle police vehicle with it’s lights flashing. 

     Pulling into a parking lot, the police officer took my license and the supplemental insurance provided through Turo. He came back shortly after to tell me how wrong I am for not having a helmet in a motorcycle(which the Slingshot technically is), how the vehicle isn’t registered, there’s no insurance according to the DMV, and that he would be impounding the vehicle and assessing over $1000 in fines!

     Obviously not how my trip was intended, especially since I was really looking forward to my time behind the wheel of this thing, I was smiling ear-to-ear up until that point. All my research beforehand said not to worry about a helmet because the Slingshot has seat belts and a roll bar. 

    Fortunately, the officer assessed the fines to owner of the vehicle, and not me, because my cheap Turo rental would have gone quite over budget. Finally getting ahold of the owner as his Slingshot was being loaded onto a flatbed, he was very nonchalant. He apologized profusely and mentioned the only vehicle he had available to rent to me was a C7 Corvette Convertible…with an automatic…

    I was hesitant and thought long and hard about just getting my money back and riding in Tommy’s Honda Element over the weekend. Then I relented and met up with him to get the keys to the Corvette. I am glad that I did.

     This Corvette had 27,000 miles of rental use, and Corvette’s aren’t known for high quality interiors. The C7 tried to change this reputation, and if this made me nod in agreement. No squeaks, no rattles, just pure speed! I’ve driven a C6 Z06 on several occasions, this felt faster! This was just a C7 Stingray, with an 8-Speed auto. Surely it can’t be this good. After about 400 miles in canyons, the PCH, and multiple people asking about the car and asking for pictures, I am a believer. I’m happy about my misfortune despite really wanting more time with the Slingshot. And now I can say I have had a car impounded.


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14th May2018

Cars N Copters

by Trent

The inaugural Cars N Copters event kicked off last weekend on the beach in Huntington Beach, CA and it did not disappoint. More Koenigsegg’s were together in one spot than ever before, including the factory! 

I hit the road with Tommy Woot from Steady Broke(more on that story later) and checked out the Southern California car scene all weekend, but this was the highlight event.

01st Mar2016

The Golden Age of the Automobile

by Trent

Bugatti Chiron

These may be some fighting words, but we are in the golden age of the automobile. Just yesterday, the Bugatti Chiron was announced and most of us don’t really care because it’s far beyond our means. I understand that, but there was one thing that really stood out to me, the speedo. It goes to 500…really! FIVE HUNDRED kilometers per hour! Though it’s top speed is limited to a mere 423km/h or 261 mph, that is still insane to the point where you’d never expect a production vehicle this side of Hennessey to ever reach that number when I first started driving.

That was only 14 years ago, and airbags back then basically came in two flavors(front and side). Now they have airbags in your seatbelts and Volvo, the crazy Swedes that they are, is even toying with airbags on the outside of the vehicle. We live in an age where if your new car doesn’t do 0-60 in under 4 seconds, it doesn’t get a second mention. Do you know how much work you have to do to get a 93 Civic to do 0-60 in 4 seconds?

Yes cars are becoming increasingly complicated, and heavier, but I can do 0-60 in 5.8 seconds while getting 31 mpg in a large sedan like the Lexus ES350 and yet it will feel as though I’m gliding on Ashley Furniture’s latest and greatest sofa.

If you think I’m wrong, and many of you may feel that way, look toward the future. How many RWD platforms are still being developed? Look at the movement towards autotonomous cars where you have no driving inputs at all. We’re killing the auto industry every day and these next 10-15 years will be the last hurrah with the safest, quickest vehicles on the road before we give up our ability to purchase a fun vehicle to our Prius-loving, hipster overlords. Just as we are doing now looking back to the 90’s and 80’s and saying, “They don’t make them like they used to”, we’ll be doing the same to this generation of cars before long.

Trent Bray

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24th Apr2014

V8 Supercars Video

by Trent

Yes it’s almost been a year since we went to Circuit of the America’s for V8 Supercars. Yes we procrastinated to the point where we need a new word for what we’ve done. Nevertheless, a video using a less-than-ideal video camera has emerged and here is the fruit of our labor!

The photographic evidence is a bit more appealing, but the sound is lacking in still images. So feel free to read up on our past articles here and imagine the noises as you look over the pretty pictures.

V8 Supercars Austin 2013 Day 1

V8 Supercars Austin 2013 Day 2

V8 Supercars Austin 2013 Day 3

Trent’s Film from Austin

Words and Video by Trent Bray

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06th Feb2014

Genuflection: C4 Corvette

by Trent

C4 Corvette

/ˌdʒɛnyʊˈflɛkʃən/ [jen-yoo-flek-shuhn]
an act of bending the knee or touching it to the ground in reverence or worship.

I may catch some flack for this one, but it’s another car I truly did love growing up. It’s a car our late friend Johnny even had for a period of time.

I’ll set the tone. I was young and impressionable, easily distracted by loud, shiny things. Well, a red, loud, shiny thing just happened to be on my walk home from elementary school each day. From as young as I can remember walking home from school in the early 90’s, there was a house that beheld a Red C4 Corvette in the garage. Many times the garage would be open as I walked past. Occasionally, I’d get to hear it burble to life and drive off down the winding residential road. This late-model C4 was more refined to my eye than the early-model cars and more desirable.

It struck a chord in my young mind that this car was cool. Never mind the owner who was graying, it still made the right noises and looked the part. This was before critically thinking about soft-touch interior panels and high gas prices. It was a car and a motor. Before everyone cared about what brand of wheels they rocked and air vs. static. It was pure, innocent fun without hatred or bias. Simple, but the short list of things I wanted in a car at that age were all there.

I was fortunate enough to visit the Corvette Museum a couple years ago and rekindle my Corvette flame. And despite the rear end that still bothers me a little, a C7 Corvette is something I wouldn’t turn down. Chances are, I will never own a C4 Corvette, not because I don’t respect them anymore, but because I am often fighting for space in my garage and driveway as-is. However, in the early 90’s, my heart wanted a red Ferrari, a red Lamborghini, and a red Corvette. For now, a red Viper will suffice. More on that another time.

-Trent Bray

[Source: Genuflection: genuflection. (n.d.). Dictionary.com Unabridged. Retrieved August 23, 2010, from Dictionary.com website: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/genuflection]

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29th Oct2013

SEMA Show 2013 Coverage

by Trent

SEMA 2013 Bisimoto Porsche

This year SEMA went big. It was the biggest I have seen the show since 2004. Normally a bridge connects the Central and South Halls, this year, at least 50 booths had to be walked through and the bridge was bypassed. What else was big this year? Over-fenders, big wings, FR-S/BRZ twins, and the C7 Corvette. I was honestly surprised at how many C7’s I saw considering how new the vehicle is, but this is SEMA and anything goes.

SEMA 2013 BMW 328i

Some of our photographers still have their photos trickling in, but there is a gallery below for your to feast your eyes on of the wonderment that is the SEMA Show.

Photos by Trent Bray, Michael Chandler, Tommy Ratsapasith, Nick Cherpeski, and Joey Harrington.

15th Aug2013

Track Car in the Making: Tommy’s WRX

by Trent

Track Car in the Making“Race car” is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot these days. Most people start with the motor and then ask the questions later of why they went off course while understeering through a turn. It’s not always about power. Case in point is some of our past feature cars that race regularly and aren’t surpassing 600whp or even 300whp. But the right combination of parts can make a worthy contender.

WRX splitter and canardsTommy brought his Bugeye home one day with the sole intention of making it a streetable race car. It needed to take him to and from the track, but allow him to have fun once he got there. If you couldn’t tell from the first paragraph, he’s largely left the motor alone to make it reliable. Even his future plans are simple and comprised mostly of OEM parts. The only additional power-adders are an HKS Hi-Power Exhaust and custom catted down pipe. Most of the attention was turned to aerodynamics and suspension.

tommywrx-2Now if you ask what Tommy’s favorite part of the car is, he’ll be torn between the broadway mirror(to see those he just passed) or the Voltex rear wing. This was something he was looking forward to for some time. It stands tall to get some clean air as he heads into the high-speed sweepers at Miller Motorsports Park. Helping with the downforce up front is a set of FUNKtion Aero canards and front splitter underneath a Prodrive front lip. Clearing the air from underneath the car is a Voltex-replica rear diffuser.tommywrx-3 As the car gets forced down, it sticks to the line with a set of Enkei RPF1 17″ wheels wrapped in sticky Toyo Proxes R1R tires. Tires are part of the equation, but the suspension is handled by BC Racing BR coilovers and seemingly pointing at the Whiteline catalog and saying “I’ll take all of it”. This was actually planned out more thoroughly than that as his main sponsor Nip N’Tuck Performance went over what he needed. This includes a set of Whiteline Sway Bars front and rear, Whiteline Anti-Lift Race kit, and Whiteline endlinks. tommywrxThe interior is kept functional with a Momo steering wheel, Sparco Pro2000 seat and Takata harness, Autopower 6-point roll cage, and stripped out rear seats and sound deadening. Stopping is currently relegated to Hawk HPS brake pads, but will soon be upgraded. Putting together this car has made it solid on the few shakedown runs he’s made with the car. It will really be tested this upcoming month as he begins his NASA High Performance Driving Events to get a race license. Look for this car in our track coverage soon.

Race WRX panning

Tommy would like to thank:

Dustin for the friendship, sponsorship, and work on the car.

Jason for the long-term friendship, helpful tips and suggestions.

Adam for the advice and recommendations on suspension setup.

Words and Photos by Trent Bray

01st Aug2013

The CAM Journal: Would you electric?

by Trent

I have been given a lot of grief lately. Actually, hate. Hate is a strong word, right? It’s suitable here. Many people consider themselves car people only if they live and breathe race fuel. Obviously that’s not the case as you can be into cars and only be into the aesthetic aspect. Here at CAMautoMag, we tend to focus on the racing aspect of cars and so many were shocked to find out that I had traded in my petrol-powered vehicle for…a Nissan LEAF.

photo (1)

You heard me right, a full-electric car. I work from home and my wife stays home with our daughter, for short jaunts around town, this car is perfect for us. So have I jumped off the deep end, I don’t think so. The car is torquey and up to 30-40mph, it feels pretty quick. Sure the steering is numb, but you don’t need an electric car to get that. I still own a V10 Dodge Viper and a turbocharged Honda S2000, and now a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, so I still love cars, but I wanted to try something different.



In spire of the hate, this car has a legitimate racing pedigree. It won it’s class at Pike Peak in 2011. Nissan developed a full-on race car based on the LEAF to showcase what could be done with it. Nismo even developed a special edition model that is soon to be released that decreases drag and weight on the car. They are dedicating the time now, because there will be a day when electric cars are more prevalent. I’m not saying it’s the solution by any means, but we are trending that way in the short-term.

Can I still have fun with this car over the next 2 years? Well I already have wheels for it, so that’s a start. This car requires a different mindset than a traditional car, and it’s not for everyone, but I think there is great potential in the future for an electric or hybrid performance vehicle. Mitsubishi has toyed with the idea for the next Evolution, Ferrari and McLaren are all-in on hybrid systems in their new supercars, so why is it that I take for all intensive purposes, a Nissan Versa with some batteries, and get hate? I feel that people don’t understand its purpose, but here I am, I’ve jumped in, I’ll let you know if the water is fine over the next year or two.

Words by Trent Bray

12th Jun2013

Trent’s Film From Austin

by Trent

When we went to Austin, TX for V8 Supercars, Mike had the brilliant idea of getting 4 disposable cameras for us to each use and capture the weekend. Well, more than a few of my pictures just sucked. But I found a few keepers, and these are them.

Trent's Film from Austin 11

Trent's Film from Austin 10

The rest of the crew will start to post their pictures as they get them developed and scanned. Click the pictures for full-size on Flickr.

Trent's Film from Austin 9

Trent's Film from Austin 8

Trent's Film from Austin 7

Trent's Film from Austin 6

Trent's Film from Austin 5

Trent's Film from Austin 4

Trent's Film from Austin 3

Trent's Film from Austin 2

Trent's Film from Austin 1

Hope you enjoyed this look to show that you can “Instagram” your pictures in the camera with an old-school disposable film camera.

-Photos by Trent Bray

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