March 23, 2023

Auto Failure Winner: The Story

As you recently found out, Kyle from Ohio won our auto failure contest, here is his story.

“The victim is a mildly modded 1991 Talon TSi AWD. One morning this winter I was heading down my driveway on my way to school. My driveway is 1/4 mile long and gravel. Some parts of the driveway dip down and like to hold water all winter, and anytime after rain. During the winter the water usually freezes over and makes going down it a breeze. As I was going down the driveway i came to the last ice puddle. When i got about half way through, the ice broke (I know it doesnt sound that bad). But when there are now 1/2” chunks of ice penitrataing your new front mount and ripping off the bottom of your front bumper it becomes a bigger deal. And that was only the beginning at the end of this water puddle there was a build up of ice. With my car being lowered it did not make it up it. Well i should refraise that, it didnt make it up it unharmed. The build up of ice got cought on the intercooler and ripped it off and then i procedeed to run it and the piping still connected to it over. I think it is safe to say i was late to school that morning. “

CAM Auto Failure Winner

Fortunately Kyle got the car fixed up and it looks better than ever now. Thanks Kyle and all the others who submitted their story.

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