January 27, 2022

Be Bold, B Mini

ISS 2016 CAMautoMag Michael Chandler-160

No, that title doesn’t contain a typo.  There was a Mini sporting a Honda B series engine.  And then some kids said that it was made of plastic, and I wanted to die.  But this sin’t about them.  This is about the tiny car, with the small motor, and an abundance of moxy!

ISS 2016 CAMautoMag Michael Chandler-162

The adorable little motor has four tiny velocity stacks protruding from four individual (probably fun sized!) throttle bodies.

ISS 2016 CAMautoMag Michael Chandler-164

Inside there’s… what is that on the left?  Is that a leg?!?

ISS 2016 CAMautoMag Michael Chandler-163 ISS 2016 CAMautoMag Michael Chandler-161

As you can see, the nose pops off for ease of access to the entirety of pretty much everything ahead of the firewall.  The fore section of the car can be placed at the rear of the car so as to create a nice photo opportunity.  We salute you, whoever you are!  And your diminutive pocket rocket too.


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