January 23, 2021

Because Van: Bisimoto Honda Odyssey

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“Anyone who follows me knows I’m a bit of a contrarian,” This is what Bisi Ezerihora said to me when I asked him why he built a 1029 horsepower Honda Odyssey. “Typical is boring, atypical is very exciting.”

Indeed it is Bisi, indeed it is.

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The van has a full interior, so he can hustle his family (our man became a father not too long ago) around very quickly and comfortably. It sits on a massive set of fifteen52 Tarmac R40s, shod in Toyo rubber. All that meat neatly tucks under the wheel arches via a custom AirRide set up.

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It looks cool, but you’re still stuck on that four figure horsepower number. How did he do it? Well, necessity is the mother of invention. Back in the day Bisi created the market for single cam F-Series Honda parts. “If you remember years ago there was nothing available for the F22 Accord. We created everything, and now there are a plethora of parts.” Being that lone explorer to venture out into the unknown is nothing new to Bisi and the crew at Bisimoto.

“One thing that Bisimoto Engineering does that really sets us apart from everyone else is that we’re creative, okay? When we have a project like this it allows us to create awareness and create products.” Custom non-VTEC camshafts, pistons, intercooler, fuel system, engine management, and manifolds were created for this project, and will soon be available in the store on Bisimoto.com.

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“We’re creating opportunity,” he said to close out our little impromptu interview. Between this, the products and services he offers for other Honda platforms, and the always entertaining projects he does with Hyundai Bisimoto Engineering and Bisi himself will be creating opportunities for many years to come!

Words and Photos by Michael Chandler

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