February 6, 2023

Blog Improvement

CAMautoMag Lazy-loading imagesIf you visited our site last week, you may have noticed one of many things. The site was down, the site wasn’t loading images, or the site didn’t look right. For this, we apologize. We had an issue with our web host, their server wasn’t loading our page right or at all. It took several days for them to fix the problem, but since the week was already messed up anyway, I decided to undertake many projects that I had been putting off.

I didn’t want to disturb the end-user, but since that was out the window, I went to work. Most of the improvements aren’t seen, but one you will notice is the “lazy loading” of images. Since the site has many images, it slows down the site when it tries to load all those images at once. Loading them only as you scroll over them improves the speed significantly. You may see a gray box for just a moment, but this is improving the experience here. I will continue to work behind the scenes to improve this site, if you have any suggestions, please feel free to drop a line to tbray [at] camautomag.com.

In addition to speed improvements, we are also working on some new projects for the winter and also 2012. To say I’m excited is an understatement.

-Trent Bray

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