December 7, 2021

Bonneville Bash 2020

The best part of events, for me, is seeing my friends. I don’t see most of you with any regularity, so those days out at the track mean a bit more to me.

It’s also nice seeing some driving that isn’t people just pounding out lap after lap, shooting for a time. Seeing people get out there and try new stuff, learn something, get better, or just huck stuff is a welcome change of pace.

It’s also nice to see some new stuff, even if I miss it on track. A drift car just has a different feel to it than any other track car does. Time Attack cars are the guys at the party who are wildly dressed, but can only hold a conversation about one or two things. Race cars are well dressed, and can talk about whatever but they don’t get too far into the weeds. Drift cars show up, give you a look that says “it’s called style”, and make you wish you could be that effortlessly cool.

Or they show up already drunk with a bunch of their idiot friends in tuxedo t shirts, and take the party in fun, dangerous new directions!

I’m sad I couldn’t spend the night like I did last year, but it was a good time while I was there. I shot a bunch of video, and I will get around to editing it. In the meantime, photos! And buy something, you cheap humps

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