January 24, 2021

Cadillac Ends World Challenge Program, World Weeps

After 11 seasons, 121 podiums, 33 wins, 5 manufacturer’s and driver’s championships,  and the first SprintX driver championship, Cadillac is closing down their Pirelli World Challenge GT effort.  Why?  As reported by Mark Glendenning on Racer:

Rich Brekus, Global Director of Product Strategy for Cadillac, said that the PWC team was the casualty of Cadillac’s desire to direct more resources towards its Prototype program, but left the door open for a possible return in the future.

Drivers such as the Taylor brothers, Michael Cooper, Andy Pilgrim, Lawson Aschenbach, John Heinricy, Ron Fellows, and Max Angelelli joined with the legendary Johnny O’Connell (the most successful GM factory racing driver) to contest for championships.  Seeing as how we won’t be seeing the ATS-V.R’s next year, let’s look at some photos from what ended up being the last time we’d see them.

Hopefully we’ll see Cadillac back in World Challenge sooner rather than later, but we’ve got some good memories to tide us over until then.

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