February 2, 2023

The CAM Journal: Lexus LFA vs. Wheel of Cheese

Lexus LFA

I work at a grocery store. In the service deli to be exact, and it sucks. However it does allow me to learn random things and drop these rabbit turds of knowledge onto any customer who wanders within earshot. I had one customer ask me about the big blocks of cheese; how much they weigh and how much they cost. I told him they weren’t that bad compared to the big ass wheels of Parmesan and Romano. Those cost upwards of $160 and are really useless because #1 they cost too much and #2 they’re too big for a normal person to use. Then I said maybe the greatest thing I’ve said this week:

“Those wheels of cheese are like the Lexus LFA: it exists only to show off what the manufacturer is capable of.”

My First Big WheelBrilliant, right?  I thought so, and it’s pretty true.  Do you have a use for a twenty pound, $195 block of cheese?  How about a coupe with a 552hp V10 forged in alongside F1 engine blocks??  Not really, and both the cheese makers and Lexus know that.  They also know that you will see these things and stand in awe of them.  Maybe not the cheese (if you don’t appreciate good cheese in great quantities, which if you don’t then you’re dead to me), but the LFA is a gorgeous car with an impressive stat sheet and an even more impressive price ($350,000).

So the LFA, a technological tour de force , is a lot like a big block of expensive cheese: completely useless to normal people but incredibly awesome to all those who lay their eyes upon them.

-Michael Chandler


Lexus photo by Dk58 – Renaud

Cheese photo by thebaron03

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