February 6, 2023

CAM Video Podcast #4

CAM Podcast 4 Mike and Trent
Our 4th video podcast is once again brought to you from the road. This time a VW Routan minivan is our backdrop, but the topics are anything but portly. Click ‘Continue Reading’ to check it out or download this week’s video podcast.

Podcast Topics:

  • When will gas prices hit their peak?
  • Will we ever see European gas prices?
  • Will the USA have more European automakers follow Fiat?
  • What is the best car from a TV Show, Movie, or Cartoon?
  • If you could turn back time and make sure one car was never produced, what would it be?


CAM Video Podcast Dowloads:

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One thought on “CAM Video Podcast #4

  1. Pontiac Aztec is the worst car ever IMO…… a 2000 Contour SVT wasn’t a bad car I have owned one and a friend of mine has also owned one, They handle great and perform well IMO…. I personally like the late 80’s SHO better! Yamaha engineering FTW!!!

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