February 2, 2023

CAM: Viper Road Trip Feature

Viper Road Trip

Dodge Viper Interior

This is where Mike and I will spend at least 1500 miles in late June. It is a 94 Dodge Viper, and it will be our road trip car from Salt Lake City to Southern California and all the places we need to go down there. We’re traveling down there for a reason, but it’s a 10 hour drive there, 10 hours back and we’ll be in California for roughly 25 hours. Crazy? Yes. But even crazier is that two overweight guys are going to cram themselves in this car with a duffel bag(which will fill the trunk) and all our requisite photo gear. Needless to say, we’ll be packing light.

The top and windows will be left at home because they take up too much trunk space, and there’s no A/C, so we can only hope for pleasant weather. Check out the June 30th issue for more on this 2-part series of our road trip in the Viper.


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