November 27, 2022

CAMautoMag visits the Corvette Museum

Corvette America's Sports car
No matter where you are in life, and no matter your vehicle preference, you have to respect the Corvette and what it has done for sports cars throughout the years. With this genuflection, CAMautoMag took a visit to Bowling Green, KY when we were in Nashville for Import Alliance. Check out the Corvette history after the jump.

C1 Corvette headlight
The Corvette Museum is located right across from the Corvette factory where these vehicles are made. The Corvette throughout the generations has remained true to its roots of being America’s Sports car. Rear wheel drive and a manual transmission remain a staple in the Corvette. The modern day Corvette is known for its looks, V8 power, excellent handling, and surprisingly, practicality and highway fuel economy. It really is the total package.
The first generation Corvette started in 1953 and remains an icon of American automotive history. The Corvette first rolled off the production line with a 6-cylinder, but it didn’t remain that way for long.
Parking at the Corvette Museum
The Corvette Museum is filled with history including several C1 Corvette’s and the most prized of all, a 1953 model no less. You can find places to test your Corvette knowledge, browse unique cars like winning race cars, concept cars, and even the Corvette ZR1 that set the fastest production lap around the Nurburgring.
Corvette ZR1 Nurburgring
The Corvette Hall of Fame is here featuring people instrumental in the design and promotion of this great American sports car. John Lingenfelter Corvette Hall of Fame
Of course, the best way to describe this place is in pictures, so enjoy.
C3 Corvette Stingray
Corvette Concept
Callaway Corvette
Corvette Pace Cars
Corvette Grand Sport C4
1953 Corvette photo mosaic

Photos and Words by Trent Bray


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