May 25, 2020

CAMcast 152: Just In Case

CAMcast 152 is a long one, to help you get through these long, cold days.  Mike, Dave, and Zack gather to give you what you want: a choice of 3 sub-$1000 KSL cars for this week’s Track/Daily/Crush; a story about the triumph of the human spirit, and a plow truck; and a discussion of the things we keep in our vehicles in case things go awry.  We learned that a lot of you like to stay strapped. 

As a friendly reminder, Mike has given you another way to get into the CAM Shenanigans secret Facebook group!  All you have to do is be the first person to post a video to the CAM Facebook page of you beating a 1:59.241 in our last GT Sport challenge!  The challenge is running the Tokyo Expressway, East Outer Loop, in the Daytime in the Amuse GT1 Turbo S2000.  First person to beat the time gets in!

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