07th Feb2019

CAMcast 164: Luxurious Garbage

by Michael Chandler

CAMcast 164 is here and it’s the level of weirdness that you’ve come to expect from the most illustrious podcast recorded in an unfinished basement! 

First we read some emails from AJ Glasmacher about the limits of cruise control, and Devin Crezee’s used car shopping adventure!

Then Dave hits Mike and Zack with Luxurious Garbage: an exciting game where we pit 3 cheap luxury cars, culled from the depths of KSL, against each other to see which pile is the least bad option!

Finally, we talk about the Super Bowl commercials!  And because Facebook decided to not notify Mike about some comments, he missed some.  Fear not though!  He’s working on something so you’re not left out, dear commenters.

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