23rd Feb2017

CAMcast: Got The Band Back Together!

by Michael Chandler

Hello internet!  How ya been?  Another week means another episode of the CAMcast, and this is an especially good episode because of one fact: EVERYONE IS HERE!  Yup, we have the full crew: Pizza Dad, P Car, Fearless Leader, and The Professor.  They have two main topics this week:

  • The state of Utah is once again considering doing away with vehicle safety inspections.  The guys discuss the pros and cons of such a repeal, and the implications of the inspection either going away or staying.  The Trib and the Deseret News did some articles on this topic, and you should go check them out.  Give them a read, then let us know YOUR opinion.
  • Nick Stucky wanted to hear the opinions of Jeff and Abe (the guys from ISS) about the current state of the “car scene”/meets now vs. back when.  Unfortunately for Nick, I didn’t see his question until after we finished recording that podcast.  Fortunately/unfortunately for him, the crew went to town on his question.  It turned into quite the meaty topic.

And there you have it folks, reasons for you to hit PLAY below, or download the episode and hit PLAY at a later date.  Remember, we’re on iTunes now so you can grab it there if you’d like.  And while you’re on iTunes, subscribe and rate us!

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