July 9, 2020

CAMcast: NSX’s and No Coast

Hey everybody!  Welcome to this episode of the CAMcast!  Mike, Dave, and Gavin talk about what they did over the holiday weekend, and they also talk some news and read some mail.  News such as:

  • The BMW 8 Series will be getting a Gran Coupe variant
  • Ken Block hoons a CanAm side by side
  • LMP1 rules are changing… again…
  • Could Porsche get back into F1?
  • We try to give advice about a ridiculous engine swap

Thank you for joining us again, and we appreciate it.  We’re still raising funds for the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, so head to the shop and grab the shirt!  Spread the word about that, the podcast, and all the other stuff we do!  We’ll be back with Nick Stucky next week to talk more No Coast Bash.

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