August 8, 2020

CAMcast: Pizza Dad Watches Formula Drift

Well hey there!  How are you guys?  We’re doing awesome, because you’re here for another episode of this here CAMcast.  Mike gets to spend some quality time with Pizza Dad, because the Professor was at a Drift Utah event and Gavin was shooting a concert.  No matter, Fearless Leader and our resident absentee parent talk about a lot of stuff:

  • Formula Drift had a wild round at Road Atlanta
  • Formula 1 went to Spain, and McLaren Honda didn’t suck as bad!
  • NASCAR had a very scary wreck
  • A Canadian did something very un-Canadian
  • An electric supercar blows away every other ‘Ring lap time
  • YOUR $3k KSL Performance Car Challenge entries!
    • Good news! Contest is running for another week!

Thank you guys for joining us again, it means a lot that you’re willing to spend your time listening to us.  Stream the episode above, head over to iTunes to get a copy there, or download it here.  And if you head to iTunes, please leave us a rating and a comment, and continue to spread the good word!  We’ll be back next week, maybe with a special guest!

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