October 30, 2020

CAMcast: Stay Kawaii

Hey everybody!  Welcome to another episode of the CAMcast!  P-Car is out, and Pizza Dad is growing tobacco for his own cigarettes.  Or something.  Regardless, he’s not here.  Doc Taste, formerly Fearless Leader, is joined by The Professor and The Anonymous Buffalo: our old friend and CAM contributor Joey Harrington!  The guys watch Garlido and talk about stuff:

  • Aston Martin is building the DB10 three years too late
  • Some shadowy company is doing something shadowy in Silicon Valley
  • The Grand Tour is down to one functioning host
  • There’s a new Top Gear USA?
  • Mazda will restore your NA chassis Miata
  • FD and the Irish and British Drift Championships are forming a “Strategic Alliance”
  • Your letters and comments

Thank you for joining us on this episode!  To reward you for listening to a free podcast, enjoy our theme song (Prince Something by Mathusaworm) which is tacked on to the end of the episode.  Subscribe and rate us wherever you find us, spread the word, and buy shirts!  Download the episode here, if you’re too cool for a podcast app, or subscribe via RSS.  We’ll be at Pirelli World Challenge this weekend, and you should be too!

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