September 18, 2020

CAMcast Weekly: Meet “P Car” Pouquette


Hey hey everybody!  We’re back with another episode, and a new co-host.  Brandon had other obligations (family?  WE’RE YOUR FAMILY NOW), so we went to the bench and grabbed Gavin Pouquette.  You’ve seen his work here, on Everyday Driver, and now you get to hear his excitement on this podcast!  You can also see his handiwork on Bitchin’ Rides *cough*Tuesdays on Velocity*COUGH COUGH*, but lets focus on the here and Tuesday night.  This episode we blow through some news:

  • The new cars at the IMSA two day test at Daytona
  • Google not building autonomous cars themselves
  • Ferrari’s present for Japan
  • Ward’s Best Engine list
  • The Grand Tour

Then Dave and Gavin have a great discussion about the driving experience.  You can stream the episode below, download it here, get it on iTunes and everywhere else fine podcasts are available.  


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