18th Oct2010

Lexus IS350: Worth Waiting For

by Michael Chandler

All good things come to those who wait.  We’ve all heard it, and some of us have gone along with it.  Sometimes the wait isn’t long, like killing the last 3 hours at work on a Friday so you can go home and enjoy the weekend.  Other times it is long, like scratching the seemingly endless days between Halloween and Christmas.  And in extreme cases it is excruciating, like being told you’ll get something in a month and receiving it six months later.  Dat, IS350 owner and parking enthusiast, went through the latter with his car. (more…)

06th Oct2010

VIP Acura RL: It’s not a Mercedes

by Michael Chandler

“Ballin’ on a Budget” is kind of a joke. You can’t really be ballin’ AND be on a budget, the two are mutually exclusive. Well, at least they were before this RL showed up. (more…)

28th Sep2010

The cat has been unleashed: Dodge Charger SRT8

by Trent

Black Charger SRT8This 2006 Charger SRT8 wowed me. I don’t get surprised by vehicles often, especially having previously owned a Charger SRT8 myself, but this one had me floored. Probably not for the reasons you’d suspect though.


13th Sep2010

The high price of being low: VW GTI VR6

by Trent

It’s all about stance. You want a car that looks good where the wheels, tires, and ride height come together as one perfect union. Sometimes there’s a price to pay for lowering your car, usually the first thing to go is a front lip or sideskirts, but what about a motor? (more…)

24th Aug2010

2011 Mustang GT – Does This Grab Your Attention?

by Michael Chandler

The 2011 Mustang GT is, in my opinion, the best modern pony car you can buy. You can see out of it, unlike the Camaro, and it handles well, unlike the Challenger. In stock trim it’s a good car, but this one is even better. (more…)

19th Aug2010

1,487 Miles in a Dodge Viper Part 2

by Trent

The Year was 2010, the first half of the Epic Viper Road trip was completed. I no longer wanted to be in the Viper. Fortunately, we had access to another vehicle while in California. Not wanting to drag out the trip to San Diego we had to make into a 3 hour drive, we took our alternate vehicle. Our purpose was to meet up with Gene, the owner of a red RX-7 we featured previously. Fortunately, the drive to and from was uneventful. The next day however, it was time to embark on our trip back home, putting another 700 miles in on the V10 that has had it’s bouts with schizophrenia. Unfortunately, to make it home in time before work the next day, the drive had to be done in the day time.

First things first, a drive to the coast is not complete without a drive on the gorgeous Pacific Coast Highway. The Viper actually kind of fit in here. We even had a few people staring which is pretty amazing considering the amount of $100,000 and up cars that surrounded us throughout Laguna Beach and Newport Beach. We eventually made our way up the coast and turned inland to Anaheim to scout out a car show and get one last breather before the trip began. (more…)

17th Aug2010

1,487 Miles in a Dodge Viper Part 1

by Trent

In preparation for Part 2 of this story, we are re-posting part 1 here to refresh your memory about this epic journey. Look for part 2 this Thursday!

I thought we might be on to something, I thought I was going to prove to everyone that cars were meant to be driven and driven hard. Nothing tests a car’s endurance like taking it 1500 miles through the desert where’s it’s 105-degrees during the day and drops to the 30’s in the canyons at night. No sweat, no worries. I’ve got a semi-functional heater and no Air Conditioning. No A/C? Yes, but there’s also no top and no windows to keep us cool. It was a plan half baked in awesomeness, then the first of many ‘check engine’ lights came on. (more…)

13th Aug2010

1985 ASC McLaren Capri – An Acquired Taste

by Michael Chandler

The 1985 ASC McLaren Capri is a 1985 Mercury Capri with some modifications: a McLaren massaged suspension, different exterior pieces, and a different camshaft for the 5.0L V-8. In 1985 it also had a set of 15 inch, neon colored mesh wheels that looked more at home on a VW or BMW of the era. Thankfully the 1980’s mercifully ended, and this Capri has changed with the times. (more…)

13th Aug2010

Viper Road Trip Pt. 2 next week

by Trent

Next week you’ll finally be able to read the exciting conclusion to the Viper Road Trip. It’s just as, if not more eventful than the first leg of the trip. The first leg of the trip will be re-posted first so you can refresh yourself on our pain and misery. Look for it next week.

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12th Aug2010

The Odd Couple: Two K20 Civics with Opposing Personalities

by Michael Chandler

The similarities between these two Civics are irrefutable: both have two doors, both have K20’s, both have wheels that are more at home on racing cars than on street cars, but that’s where the similarities end. (more…)