27th Dec2016

CAMcast: The Holiday Ramblefest!

by Michael Chandler

The end of this awful year is finally in sight!  Head into 2017 by listening to Brandon, Dave, Gavin, and myself ramble about the year that was.  We went off for two and a half hours, so we made this our first TWO PARTER.


YES, instead of having one massive episode, we are giving you two! In part one there are some deep dives into drifting (again), dirt track racing, auto/gymkhana, and some other stuff


And in part two, the guys give you their best and worsts of the year along with some other stuff.

Thank you everyone for listening and downloading these podcasts.  We enjoy making them, and we hope you enjoy listening to them.  You can download part one here, and part two here.  If iTunes is more your flavor, then you can find us on there!  Just search for CAMautoMag.  Please subscribe, rate, and review us!  And as always, you can email us at [email protected]  See you all in 2017!

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15th Dec2016

CAMcast Weekly: Meet “P Car” Pouquette

by Michael Chandler


Hey hey everybody!  We’re back with another episode, and a new co-host.  Brandon had other obligations (family?  WE’RE YOUR FAMILY NOW), so we went to the bench and grabbed Gavin Pouquette.  You’ve seen his work here, on Everyday Driver, and now you get to hear his excitement on this podcast!  You can also see his handiwork on Bitchin’ Rides *cough*Tuesdays on Velocity*COUGH COUGH*, but lets focus on the here and Tuesday night.  This episode we blow through some news:

  • The new cars at the IMSA two day test at Daytona
  • Google not building autonomous cars themselves
  • Ferrari’s present for Japan
  • Ward’s Best Engine list
  • The Grand Tour

Then Dave and Gavin have a great discussion about the driving experience.  You can stream the episode below, download it here, get it on iTunes and everywhere else fine podcasts are available.  


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08th Dec2016

You Didn’t Order The Pizza: CAMcast Weekly

by Michael Chandler

Recorded in the frigid basement on December 6; Mike, Dave and Brandon talk about a lot of things:

  • Nico Rosberg
  • NASCAR’s title sponsor
  • Progressing in different motorsports
  • Safety regulations
  • How to ruin your business on Instagram
  • And much, much more

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06th Dec2016

The Take Luck Interview

by Michael Chandler

It finally happened!  I finally sat down with most of the Take Luck team, and hammered them with some hard hitting questions.  We also had pizza, which ended up on the floor a couple of times.  

Take Luck on Instagram

Take Luck on Facebook

Tanner Spencer Creative on Vimeo

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30th Nov2016

CAMcast Weekly November 29

by Michael Chandler

We’re back!  And we’re weekly (probably), until the race season starts!  In this episode Michael ,and co-hosts Brandon Christiansen and Dave Rawley, talk about Audi leaving the WEC, the new 911 RSR’s lack of forced induction, fashion, and the Taurus Challenge.  Give it a listen, and subscribe via RSS until I can get this thing on iTunes and Stitcher.

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08th Nov2016

CAMcast: We’re done at SEMA!

by Michael Chandler

WOOBOI! We managed to survive another SEMA, and a highly compressed SEMA experience at that.  If you remember, we missed out on Tuesday AND Wednesday, so we had to cram four days worth of the show into two.  Not ideal, but I think we did a good job.  We also didn’t die in the process.

In this episode Joey and I eat pizza, have some beers, and tell you about our experience at the show, inhaling an entire tire at Ignited, and some other stuff.  We’ll be back next week with another, less SEMA-centric episode.

04th Nov2016

CAMcast: We’re at SEMA!

by Michael Chandler

Yes ladies and gentlemen, it’s that magical time of year!  We’re down in Vegas, gathering you only the sweetest of SEMA show coverage!  We’re also bringing you some podcasts covering the day’s events.  In this episode we talk about the drive down, what we saw, and how sketchy Vegas driving can be.

07th Sep2016

CAMcast: Cole Powelson

by Michael Chandler

We caught up with the driver of the fastest time attack R35 GTR in the world: Cole Powelson of Lyfe Motorspot.  We talked about what it was like besting someone he looked up to as a young up and comer, how he went from driving a Porsche and living in his parent’s basement to the corner office at Lyfe, why we love Jose, and what’s next for him and the Lyfe Motorsports crew.  We also answered all of your questions, or at least the ones that showed up before we started recording.

This episode was recorded in his office, so be prepared to hear the A/C kick on a few times.  Catch him and the Lyfe guys out at UMC this weekend for Round 7 of the NASA Utah season!

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14th Jul2016

CAMcast: NASA Utah Championship Standings

by Michael Chandler

FB RX7 NASA Utah Rd4 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-5

Hey hey!  Finally got another episode of the CAMcast up!  No guest this episode, but I go over the current NASA Utah championship standings and then tease a few things.  I drink some water, drop some papers on the floor, all in half an hour.  If that’s not efficiency, I don’t know what is.


Feel free to listen to the episode here, or download it here.  Enjoy the episode, and I’ll see you at UMC this weekend!

20th May2016

CAMcast: Derek Wolthoff

by Michael Chandler

Back again is the CAMcast!  This month we sit down with Derek Wolthoff of Makes & Models, and talk about a variety of things.  Things like starting this whole GT3 revolution, having a wife who’s competing for her own championships along side him, and why Quin isn’t just a guy with a broom.  Download the episode here, or listen to it through the player above.

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