01st Feb2016

Magnus Racing Takes GTD Win

by Michael Chandler

Fall Enduro cover-1

Remember when Magnus Racing was just a humble outfit in a garage at Miller?  Me too, and then they won Daytona!  Then they stayed pretty much the same, just changed digs.  This year, in a new Audi R8 LMS GT3, they took their second win at the historic race.  Here’s a photo of the old Magnus 911 at a MPRA race (Miller Park Racing Association, super OG stuff) back in 2011, the year before they took their first win at Daytona.

28th Jan2016

Only Lightly Modified

by Michael Chandler

Clint Stoneham RBZ Test N Tune Michael Chandler CAMautoMag (8 of 10)

Listen, Clint Stoneham’s Z still had an inline six made by Nissan.  It just wasn’t necessarily what came in the car originally.  But that’s no longer a concern, because he’s throwing a turbo V8 into it.  Because why not keep the orange sled ridiculous?

22nd Jan2016

Lunchtime Time Killer

by Michael Chandler



The craziest cars you’ll see on a track are dedicated time attack cars.  They only have to go for a lap or two at a time, and they’re built for raw speed.  They’re cool, but they’re not the coolest.  Imagine seeing a field of ridiculous cars, battling it out over a a full race.  A battle of exploding budgets, escalating horsepower, and factory backed lunatics.  This was the IMSA GTP class, and it was insane.  Go ahead and dive down that rabbit hole

07th Nov2015

SEMA 2015 Day 4

by Michael Chandler

SEMA 2015 Day 4 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-1

Photos by Michael Chandler and Nicholas Cherpeski

Our last, massive gallery from the week that was SEMA.

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09th Oct2015


by Michael Chandler



ZACH SERNA!!! Zach, I’ll be emailing you shortly about how you want to claim this prize!  Thanks everyone for entering, we’ll see you at the Tresduro. Who knows, you may get lucky and get your hands on something.

12th Jan2015

The Ford GT: They’re Going Back to France

by Michael Chandler

Probably.  Yes, today everyone at the North American International Auto Show is going nuts over the 600hp, 3.5L twin-turbo V6 Ecoboost powered Ford GT.  And they should be doing just that.  Look at that thing!  It’s glorious!  It’s what the GT40 was!  Kinda…

Miller Total Performance Museum Michael Chandler-8

The GT40 was a giant middle finger aimed at Enzo Ferrari and his precious cars and race program.  Ferrari doesn’t do much of the factory backed GT racing anymore, because they’ve gone all in on F1.

Ok, so it isn’t EXACTLY like the GT40, but it is like it in that it is a potentially world beating super car made by a company whose headquarters are in a crumbling metropolis.  Who is it going to beat, and where is it going to beat them?


Why are those two logos mashed together?  Because it can, and eventually will, be seen in both!  The 3.5L twin turbo mill fits nicely into the confines of the WEC’s LM GTE class.  IMSA TUDOR USCC’s GTLM class ‘s rules are pretty much the same as the WEC’s LM GTE class rules.  That said, we’ll probably see it storming around here at home in TUSC before it goes abroad and plants Old Glory in everything.  The current rumor, according to Sportscar365, regarding that TUSC endeavor is that it will be a 2 car, factory team with Chip Ganassi Racing running it.  And Chip Ganassi knows a few things about running a winning team.


Will it be successful?  Maybe.  The new Vipers came out of the gate with a whimper, but ended with a roar and won the GTLM class before Dodge killed the factory effort.  We can speculate more on this when we get more details, but right now let’s all look at how awesome this thing looks

Words by Michael Chandler, photos by Ford Motor Company and Michael Chandler
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06th Jan2015

The Happiest Place in Nevada

by Michael Chandler
Photo by Becky Smith

Photo by Becky Smith, VORE

We’ve all been here before.  It’s time for a vacation, but some of those bucket list events are too far away, too expensive, or just not happening during your allotted vacation time.  What’s a gearhead to do?  Settle in on the couch and watch all the old FIA GT series races YouTube has to offer?  No damnit!  You’re not spending your vacation like an unemployed goon!  Pack your bags, book a flight, hotel and rental car.  We’re going to Vegas, and we’re gonna have some fun in the desert.  Halfway between Las Vegas and Boulder City, next to a gun range, sits a happy little slice of awesome that is the Vegas Off Road Experience (VORE).

VORE vacationVORE vacation-2

It is here where all sorts of fun and excitement happens.  And by “fun” I mean off road hooning to your heart’s content.  No matter what you decide to do you will get some instruction from the talented instructors.  Now, you have to ask yourself “Do I want a hopped up Raptor as my chariot, or do I want to hop in a trophy truck and get the whole enchilada ?” The choice is up to you, and your wallet.  Prices range from $295 for 5 laps on the “short course” in one of the trophy trucks or 45 minutes in a Raptor, to $2995 for a two day jaunt in the desert to give you the full Sportsman level experience.

There are also add ons to the afore mentioned packages.  Add ons such as luxurious limo or party bus transportation to and from the facility, video and photography, and shooting some guns and blowing up a car!  Where else are you finding all of these things at once???  NO WHERE!*

VORE vacation-7

Now, when we say talented instructors, we mean talented.  When they’re not teaching you how to take the jumps on the short course, or how to fly through the desert, they’re racing.  The Vegas to Reno race is a staple every year, along with the MINT 400.  The folks teaching you really know what they’re talking about, and you will leave VORE not only with memories, but with knowledge that’ll make you a better driver.

VORE vacation-5

There you have it folks.  Your next vacation is planned out.  No need to thank me, just go and enjoy your trip.  And watch out for turtles please.

VORE vacation-17

While we were at VORE we were given the nickel tour by Becky Smith.  She took us out on the short course in a Raptor, let us tag along to shoot some photos of someone on course, and let us hang out until Jason came back from giving a desert tour.  We can’t thank Jason and Becky and everyone else at VORE for their hospitality.

For booking information, or more information than what I’ve put up here, head over to VORE.com.  When you’re booking your experience ask for Jason Smith, or at least tell them he sent you.

Words by Michael Chandler, photos by Michael Chandler and Becky Smith .
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*Don’t quote me on that, but I highly doubt there is another place in the US where you can receive top notch off road racing instruction AND pop off a few rounds.

06th Oct2014

Officer Stucky and his Crown Vic

by Michael Chandler

Crown Vic


The Ford Crown Victoria has been the go to police cruiser for decades, and as such you can find nearly any vintage for next to nothing at a police auction or a private sale.  Nick Stucky found one for sale in Oregon, got it, and brought her back to Utah.  And then he went autocrossing.



Some interesting notes about Nick’s cruiser: It is, in fact, and old police car.  It came with the cherry light and window bars.  Also, it’s packing a 351 cubic inch, carbureted  V8  that was marketed as a performance option over the fuel injected 302 cubic inch V8.

Also, look at that interior.  Look at it!  It’s burgundy and vinyl and glorious!  And the body roll, which doesn’t help keeping oneself planted in any of the seats.  Tragically he couldn’t run with the hub caps on.  While it isn’t the safest thing to have them flying off and rolling around, it would just add the the spectacle that is watching something the size of Delaware run through the cones.

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23rd Sep2014

Stickers for Sale!

by Michael Chandler

CAMautoMag stickers 5x3 (1 of 2)

Do you want to be awesome?  Do you want to be a winner?  I’m not saying throwing one (or several) of these bad boys on your vehicle of choice will make you awesome, or a winner, or an awesome winner; however, I will point out that we gave some to Brandon Wicknick before he left for Formula D Texas, and he won his first event of his Formula D career.

Utah Grand Prix Day 2 Miller GT Michael Chandler CAMautoMag (21 of 35)

The RaceCo GT-R finished on the podium at the Utah Grand Prix Miller GT races, along with the Makes & Models Audi R8 LMS.  They both have the stickers.

Utah Grand Prix Day 2 Miller GT Michael Chandler CAMautoMag (26 of 35)

If you want to hop on the winner train, then head over to our store and get to ordering up some 5″x3″ slices of vinyl awesomeness!

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16th Sep2014

Utah is in the Top Ten for Rude Drivers!

by Michael Chandler



Words by Michael Chandler

I know this may come as a shock to some of my fellow Utahns, but collectively we’re a bunch of jerks behind the wheel.  We speed, don’t signal and refuse to let people merge.  If that isn’t neighborly, I don’t know what is.

Insure.com surveyed 2000 drivers across the country to see who was the rudest.  Not sure exactly why they did this, but I’m not going to argue with its existence.

As you can see by the chart above, we’re in a cluster of rudeness where Arizona is the least rude among the bunch.  According to the survey: in Nevada nobody recognizes a red light as the signal to stop and not proceed through the intersection.  Wyoming is where you go if you want to die (they had the second highest roadway fatality rate per 100,000 people, according to NHTSA statistics from 2012). And in a surprising upset, Idaho is home to the rudest drivers in the country!  Go Idaho!  Not only do you have the rudest drivers, you somehow have the lowest insurance premiums.

Here’s how your top ten shakes down:

  1. Idaho
  2. Washington D.C.
  3. New York
  4. Wyoming
  5. Massachusetts
  6. Vermont
  7. Delaware
  8. New Jersey
  9. Nevada
  10. Utah

I think with a little work, and more disregard for our fellow motorist we can crack the top five.  We’ve mastered the multi-lane lane change to make the exit we saw coming five miles ago, we don’t know how a freeway on ramp actually works, and we take it as a personal insult when someone wants to merge into our lane when theirs is ending.  Lookout Massachusetts, we’re coming for your spot!

Now I know 2,000 drivers out of nearly 200,000,000 isn’t enough to give a fair shake to each state, but it does provide some sort of view into how good or terrible we are on a state by state basis.  Do you have a driving horror story? Share it in the comments.

[Source: 10 states with the rudest drivers – and the states that hate them, Yahoo! Autos]

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