25th Jul2011

New site design!

by Trent

CAMautoMag old site designFirst off, let me say Thank you! CAMautoMag is living the dream, we are sharing our passion of cars and we couldn’t do it without you. This site design has been in the works for some time now, but it is finally ready to go.

Welcome to CAMautoMag version 2.0! We’ve maintained this original design since we first launched this site in May of 2010. We’ve done minor updates to it over the course of the year, but nothing dramatic, this time is different. We are focusing much more on photos and videos now, and we wanted the new site design to reflect that. With the new site design, we are also changing the logo up a bit, we will be operating as CAMautoMag instead of CAM Auto Magazine or CAM or another variation on that, this is to help unify our brand and make it easier to find us on the web.

Also with a new site, we’ve updated our ‘About Us’ page, and changed it to ‘The Staff’ so you can get better acquainted with who we are and our background in cars. Check it out.

And since we’re talking about new things, we’ve added a few events to our upcoming schedule.

August 10 – Wide Open Wednesday at Miller Motorsports Park
August 20 – Wekfest Chicago, IL
August 20-21 – MPRA/LapBattle.Com Time Attack at Miller Motorsports Park
August 27-28 – Redline Time Attack Series at Miller Motorsports Park [canceled]
September 3 – Pace Days

Feel free to browse around the site and let us know what you like and dislike. Feel free to comment or email me at tbray [at] camautomag.com

-Trent Bray

21st Apr2011

Coming soon: Phone wallpapers

by Trent

CAM RX7 iPhone wallpaperCAM will soon be on your phone. We are working on some phone wallpapers right now that will be released soon. Please let us know what phone you have at tbray (at) camautomag.com so we can include a version for you.

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20th Apr2011

Austin F1: Circuit of the Americas Preview

by Trent

Austin F1 Track CAMAutoMag
We’re a bit excited that Formula One is returning to the United States. We’ll be going to Austin in 2012 to check out this race, but here’s of preview video of the track layout after the jump. (more…)

28th Jan2011

Over 200 Facebook Likes

by Trent

CAMAutoMag on FacebookThank you to all who support us, we are now over 200 Facebook ‘Likes’! If you haven’t already, Like our Facebook page and you’ll stay up to date on our posts as well as some exclusive contests we’re working on currently. Check out the CAM Facebook Page. We also have an exciting announcement next week that you will hear about first on our Facebook page!

-CAM Auto Mag

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17th Nov2010

El Murciélago Vuela en el Cielo de la Noche Sin Fin

by Michael Chandler

So we all know that the Murciélago is on its way out, and with it the V12 that’s been with the company for the last forty seven years is also on its way out too. This saddens me because the first car I was truly in love with had the twelve cylinder Bizzarrini mill shoved in the middle of it. It was the Diablo, and I unfortunately don’t have a good picture of one. I do, however, have a couple good photos of the next Lamborghini to house the legendary motor. (more…)

15th Nov2010

Top Gear USA: What to expect

by Michael Chandler

We are less than one week away from the premier of Top Gear on History Channel, and those of you who didn’t go to the screening like Trent and I did might be wondering what to expect? Well, since I can see the description of the premier episode on the guide of my cable box let me tell you. Here’s my take on Top Gear USA.


11th Nov2010

Top Gear USA Preview

by Trent

top gear usaWhile down at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Mike and I had the opportunity to preview the new Top Gear program on The History Channel. The first show airs November 21st, but we got to see some of it last week. Read ahead for my impressions. (more…)

10th Nov2010

New features on CAM!

by Trent

We consider ourselves to be a magazine, and not a blog because that’s how we started. Making magazines for you to download. Unfortunately due to time constraints we had to stop that and switch to our current format. Now with our Feature Cars, we are bringing back a magazine-style cover to bring that magazine feel to the site. This will be the main way you can tell a Feature from us covering a car we like. And because not all cars are worthy of full-on features, we are introducing,  “It Plays”. It’s a car that we like, but it may only have an exhaust, intake, wheels, and suspension. Something that’s been put together nicely, but may not have a motor swap or turbo kit. You will see that debut soon. Today we are kicking off the new magazine cover on a feature about a Twin Turbo Lotus V8 powered DeLorean and you can expect the full write up on that later today. And as promised, this week, we will have a downloadable magazine covering the 2010 SEMA Show. We also have a review of the Top Gear USA program coming this week.

We want to thank those who entered our SEMA Swag contest, and we are currently hard at work on another contest with bigger prizes, but it will require some input on your part. We need participants if you want these contests to continue because the prizes are coming out of our pockets. Feel free to give us suggestions on what would get you excited about our contests.

Also, we have a new Contributor to the site, his name is Johnny, he is an excellent story teller and has extensive experience working on and with cars, and in the coming weeks you will be hearing from him.

Hope you like what we’re working on, we always have ideas kicking around, and we’ll try to implement them whenever we can. Thank you for your continued support.

-Trent Bray

31st Oct2010

Happy Halloween from CAMAutoMag

by Trent

Happy Halloween from CAMAutoMagHappy Halloween everyone! Big thanks to our friend Travis for carving this awesome pumpkin!

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20th Oct2010

Top Gear USA on November 21st

by Trent

So it may not be as good as the original as hard as they try, but who’s excited for Top Gear USA? Me! And Mike! Click ‘Continue Reading’ to see a trailer for the new show debuting November 21st on History Channel. (more…)