September 25, 2022

Celebrate Freedom By Watching Racing This Weekend!

NASCAR has been running races at a break neck pace for a little while now, and IndyCar has run a race without fans, but we haven’t seen any sports car racing since the Rolex 24, and we’ve had precisely 0 F1. WELL, that’s going to change this weekend! And I’m going to help you out by showing you how to watch all of it from the comfort of your couch! First, let’s go over what exactly is happening on track this weekend.

IndyCar is kicking off things at the legendary Indianapolis Motor Speedway!… Road course. The 500 Mile Race is happening later this year, but we get to see the drivers shake the dust off on a road course.

NASCAR is going to have the Xfinity Series sharing the road course with IndyCar on the 4th, and the senior circuit on the Oval on Sunday. Is it weird that they aren’t running the Cup series on America’s birthday? Kinda, but it makes sense because switching layouts is a pain in the ass.

MEANWHILE, IMSA makes its return to action, and Daytona International Speedway with 160 minutes of enduro action! The race will feature 3 of the 4 categories, with LMP2 being the odd man out.

AND FINALLY Formula 1 makes its triumphant debut at the Red Bull Ring in Austria for the first of 2 double headers at the circuit in the coming weeks. OK, now here’s how you’re going to remain glued to your couch, like a good, responsible person.

If you’re lucky enough to have Friday off, the day Independence Day will be observed for banks and the flaming wreckage we call government, you can start your day 3AM local (5AM Eastern) with Formula 1’s Free Practice 1 on EPSN2. IndyCar will have practice overage on NBC Sports Gold (premium subscription through the NBC Sports app) starting at 9:30AM, and qualifying on NBCSN starting at 2:30PM. NASCAR is re-airing or tape delaying a bunch of stuff, like the ARCA race that happened last weekend at UMC. IMSA isn’t broadcasting anything on Friday, so get on YouTube and look up old races if you want a sports car fix.

On AMERICA DAY things get spicy! F1 starts the day, because Austria is in Europe, and Europe gets today before we do. FP3 starts at 4AM on ESPN2, with qualifying coming at 7AM. While you’re riding that high, flip on NBC Sports Gold and watch the IndyCar warm up if there’s a lul in the quali. The IndyCar GMR Grand Prix gets underway at 10AM on NBC. Also starting at 10am on he internet: IMSA qualifying. Head back to NBC, or fire up the NBC Sports App, because almost immediately after the IndyCar GP ends the Xfinity race will begin! 1PM for those legit curious. Then you’ve got some time to come down, change your pants, clean up, THEN IT’S BACK TO THE COUCH! The IMSA WeatherTech 240 kicks off at 4PM on NBCSN and if you’re not in the US *wink wink*, or on TrackPass in the NBC Sports Gold app. After the checkered flag falls at Daytona, get some sleep. The weekend isn’t over just yet.

AMERICA DAY +1, and we’re starting with F1! Coverage starts at 6AM on ESPN with the race starting an hour later. Take yourself a break, make a sandwich, then get ready for some comically larger cars taking on a track with comically shallow banking. The Big Machine Hand Sanitizer 400 kicks off at 2PM on NBC and the NBC Sports App

So there you have it, all of the racing you could want within walking distance of your fridge. Let us know how you’re enjoying the racing! Message us on the social medias, and let us know!

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