28th Jul2018

ChampCar Rocky Mountain 24 Live-ish Blog!

by Michael Chandler

Hello!  I’m out here covering the ChampCar Endurance Series Rocky Mountain 24, a 24 hour endurance race that’s a step up from LeMons, but not quite your local NASA/SCCA chapter either.  I’m currently hunkered down in the media center, where the air is conditioned and the outlets are plentiful, to provide you with an update before I make my way back out into the Grantsville heat.  Here’s what’s happened so far:

  • The yellow MR2 didn’t finish the parade laps, it broke down on  one of them and had to be towed in.  It was fixed, and is currently in 7th in Class C.
  • Which is better than Farce India is doing, because they never made it to the grid, let alone the race.
  • Our man Dan Chilinski is out in the twin engine FX32 Corolla!  Which almost immediately became an FX16 with an entire engine in the back.  The rear transmission became stuck in third, so they just disconnected the whole mess and ran front wheel drive.  They then blew the head gasket on the front engine, and are currently in the garage.
  • As I type this, David Lockwood (or someone in his car, which is a 991 911 GT3 Cup Car) is currently out and about.  Not sure if he’s testing, or what, but he’s not pinging in Race Hero so I can safely assume he’s not an official entrant.
  • Currently your leaders are
    • Son of Andre #160 Ford Mustang is in P1 overall, and leads Class D
    • #9 RBrankRacing.com/90Racing.com Saab 9-3 is leading Class C
    • The #801 Volatile Ram disco ball MR2 is leading Class B.  They also did this earlier
    • And in Class A we have the #30 Alchemy Autosport Miata.

I’ll maybe have more later.  Right now I’m going to find food, so you can enjoy this gallery from earlier today

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