July 11, 2020

Cruise for Karma 2019

Last year the community came together for what would be the first Cruise for Karma: an event to make some wishes come true for Karma Maestas, who was fighting Osteosarcoma. It was a beautiful moment in time, and one that would happen again this year.

Jorge Donaldson is 16 and, like Karma, has been diagnosed with Osteosarcoma. And like Karma, he wanted to ride in a Lamborghini. So Cars4Kids, Mascot Miracles Foundation, Luxe Auto Spa, and the Utah Head Turners, along with hundreds of other enthusiasts, made Jorge’s dream come true. They even threw him a little party to boot.

Modern European supercars, classic American muscle, and everything in between came out to make this happen.

Even some truly rare birds came out.

And it’s just not a charity event without someone getting a pie to the face.

Or in Cougar’s case, several. Jorge and his family need help in their fight. There’s a GoFundMe page setup, so go ahead and help them fight the good fight. You can also support Cruise For Karma itself. Your donations help out Jorge and his family, as well as the Mascot Miracles Foundation.

Now please, enjoy this giant gallery from the event!

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