September 30, 2020

Cruise For Karma

Last week, hundreds upon hundreds of people gathered at Luxe Auto Spa to help out a girl that very few of them knew.  The girl, Karma McBride, had been battling Osteasarcoma since 2016.  And it looked like she was in the clear in January, but on Friday the 13th (yup) her doctors found a tumor in her stomach that was terminal.  She was given weeks to live.  Being faced with one’s mortality is a heavy thing when it’s presented to you as an adult, but as a child?  That’s something I can’t wrap my head around.  Karma could get her mind around it, and she wrote a bucket list.  She wanted to go shopping, go to prom, and ride in a Lamborghini.  She got to go shopping, and her parents organized a prom for her at a local hotel.  The last thing was a ride in a Lamborghini…

The call was put out, and it was heard by Cougar at Luxe, and L.T. Weese and Sound for Freedom.  What started as a few Lamborghini owners meeting up to help Karma out, exploded into a massive gathering that included a cruise from Luxe to Karma’s house to pick her up.  And everyone was invited.  I got there ahead of the cruise, and since it was my first time at Luxe, I wandered around and took in the sights.

Lots of cool things were at the shop, but there were plenty of cool things occupying the parking lot as well.

I hadn’t decided if I was going on the cruise, but then Dave Kizerian offered me a ride in his 996 911.  I can’t resist his bright, smiling face, so I hopped in when the time was right.  Which was around 5pm.  The massive line formed at approximately 5:05pm

We eventually made it on the road with the rest of the cruise.  We were so far back that we couldn’t see the leaders in the Lamborghinis.  We also kinda freestyled some of the route.

Eventually we caught up to part of the pack, and made some friends.

After some more “navigating”, we found Karma’s neighborhood.  And hundreds of other cruise goers.

It was here that we decided to park the car, and proceed on foot.  We waded through the crowd that had descended upon this neighborhood, and finally came upon the leaders.  They were parked in front of Karma’s house, waiting to hit the road after she hopped into the lead Aventador.

She hopped in, and we got on the road!  We freestyled the route a bit more on the way back, which ended up for the best.  We beat the leaders back to the shop, which meant we could watch the pack make its way to the shop.  And we weren’t the only ones.  State Street was filled with people holding signs, balloons, and cheering for Karma!

And then she appeared!  Everyone cheered as she drove by, and she waved at everyone who was there to support her!  It was a magical sight.

We followed her to the shop, and watched as some local businesses gave her gifts and showed her some love.

Karma went inside to recuperate.  She had had quite the day up to this point, and she still had more to come.

Cougar gathered everyone at the garage door.  It was time for the raffle.  Huge shoutout to Legends Boxing for donating, and everyone who bought grips of tickets.  After that, it was time to bring Karma out to a massive balloon release.  Hundreds of balloons soared as she came into the doorway.

After that it was time to give her a couple more gifts: a custom metal Lamborghini piece of wall art, and a 1:18 scale Aventador that had been painted gold, and customized by everyone at the shop.  

It was a touching event.  Seeing the community come together to give a girl her last wish is one of the most amazing things I’ve seen.  I’m proud that the community could do this, and I’m glad I could be there to see her wish come true.

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