November 27, 2022
Lotus Esprit V8 in DMC DeLorean

Doc Would be Proud: Twin Turbo Lotus V8 DeLorean

It’s hard not to reference the classic ‘Back to the Future’ series when you see a DeLorean. Unfortunately for Ham, the owner of this one, it’s all too common. Getting to that elusive 88mph is quite the burden in a standard DeLorean with it’s anemic V6, but Ham used a modified Twin Turbo Lotus V8 he had lying around to help give it a push. Needless to say, going beyond that 88mph limit is a slight press of the right pedal away.

CAM Twin Turbo Lotus V8 Delorean

Lotus Turbo V8

When I first heard about this car, I was excited, to say the least. I’ve always been fond of the stainless wonder that is the DeLorean. It screams 80’s(in a good way), and the custom HRE wheels help that cause, but also in a very positive way. The car has been through a lot, but you’d never guess it by the sheer amazing that is a V8…from a Lotus Esprit…that is twin turbocharged. Ham claims it is the only V8 Lotus powered DeLorean around, and I have no reason to doubt that. What makes this all the more amazing, Ham did it himself, and even had Lotus tell him that it couldn’t be done along the way.

Lotus Esprit V8 in DMC DeLorean

Ham originally bought this car back in 1983, not because he really liked them, but because it was a price he couldn’t pass up. He drove it, not really thinking about it’s future as a powerhouse until the motor gave out on him. He looked longingly at a Lotus V8 he had sitting in his garage and decided to swap it in. The motor needed a little work, so he rebuilt it, rebuilt the turbo’s, and tweaked the ECU. He figures he’s now making somewhere closer to 450-500Hp than the 350HP it was originally rated at. Watching it leave, I can tell you it is no slouch.

Lotus Powered DeLorean

One issue he had was the transmission, originally the car was an automatic. He managed to swap it over to a manual, and now has the Lotus transmission in there. When he called Lotus to ask for a little help in figuring out how to get the transmission to rotate the other way, they said it can’t be done. He then figured it out himself and it works beautifully.

The DeLorean has a few cosmetic touches to separate it from other DeLorean’s. It has some custom HRE wheels, it has been lowered, and has removable tinted headlight covers. To help aid the motor in producing more power, the non-functional rear vents are now functional and the air filters are placed in front of it. He has also wrapped the windshield surround in carbon fiber to give it a unique look. He later plans to expand the carbon wrap out to a few more key places.

Lotus DeLorean TransmissionSeeing this car on the road hits you like a snowball in the face. It’s shocking, yet kind of refreshing at the same time. There is a level of detail that went into this car that you don’t see often, and the fact that the work that went into this car is was primarily done by it’s owner shows how dedicated Ham is to this car. It is a blast from the Past, with a dash of a 450HP Future.

DeLorean HRE Wheels

Words by Trent Bray, Photos by Michael Chandler

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  1. He’s built the car the way John Z should’ve built it, with a big V8 in it instead of the frankly crap V6 they chose, with or without THAT film, it is an awesome car with a very interesting history.

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