February 2, 2023

Drifting at Global 1

In another county, and on a far less sophisticated track, was a little drift get together thrown by the guys at D-Spare.com.  Fun? YOU BET! Out of the way? NO DOUBT!  Worth the drive?  UNEQUIVOCALLY YES!

I arrived after Brandon broke his turbo, so no awesome photos of the purple/silver/green S13 today.  However there were more people in attendance besides Brandon and Jose.  Mike (flat black S13) came out to play, as did Nick (the Miata), a pair of E36 BMW’s, an RB swapped S13, a turbo’d AE86 coupe, a 3 rotor turbo FC and the usual cast of favorites.

Twas a fun event, one that will certainly happen again and one that we will certainly head to

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Drifting at G1 March 10 from CAMautomag.com on Vimeo.

Words and Photos by Michael Chandler

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