February 2, 2023

Drifting returns!

After a brief absence drifting made a return to Miller Motorsports Park!  Seeing everyone out there really tied the weekend together…

Because when it was all said and done there was road racing (door to door and time attack), auto cross (sorry cone killers, no photos but we’ll get you some soon!) and drifting all at the same facility and all within walking distance of each other! ENTERTAINMENT!

Some notes: I caught a pair of V8 powered cars sliding around (or attempting to); a green 240SX and a red 300ZX.  The 240 was sporting the time-tested small block Chevy, but the 300ZX had a V8 out of an Infiniti! It still needs some work, but it’s well on its way to becoming awesome.

There were a pair of Miatas sliding around. The little Mazdas look natural with their back ends coming loose.

Brandon and Mike were there. They’re still both awesome.

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