November 27, 2022

From The Archives: Ferrari Challenge

I, you’re humble photographer, have been shooting photos long before CAMautoMag became what it is today.  Before I had a place to display these photos, I would either throw them up on my Flickr page, put them up on my blog (which has long since been orphaned), or just sit on them until I forgot I shot them.  I never forgot about these particular photos, and now I’m giving them the stage they deserve.

It was…  well, it was a while ago.  Before CAMautoMag was CAMautoMag.  I was just a boy with a Digital Rebel, time and a free ticket to Miller Motorsports Park to watch the Ferrari Challenge.  It was a gray April day, but it wasn’t raining.  Just gray.  Anyway, it was just after the California and 458 were released as new models and before the 599xx turned in its ‘Ring time.  It was also the farewell tour for the F430 and the F430 Challenge cars.  And boy did they go out in style!  The racing was so intense that a few F430s collided, sending some very expensive (and shiny) carbon fiber flying.  Later that year, at the first Wide Open Wednesday event of that year, I found a piece of one of the Ferraris.  I still have it…somewhere.  Enough of my rambling, time for some photos!

But before that: the sound of 599xx’s, Fxx’s, and a dozen race prepped F430’s at full tilt are probably what angels sound like.  And now, 29 photos of the awesomeness

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Words and photos by Michael Chandler


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