February 2, 2023

Forum Fest 2012

[func-shun] Episode 6: Forum Fest 2012 from [func-shun] on Vimeo.

It’s 5pm on Friday, Mike and I are picking up Tommy from his work in Orem, 14 hours away from Forum Fest. There’s no time to sleep though, Forum Fest begins in 17 hours and we still have to pick up Nick. This, my friends, is a road trip!

It started like any other road trip, Tommy screaming in the back seat for food and cable. We only had one iPhone charger going at the moment and it was in demand. We also were in the middle of nowhere Idaho and we realized we shouldn’t have left Utah without food. Anyway, I drove the whole way while Tommy slept and we entertained ourselves with the musical hits of our high school(college for Nick) years.

Arriving in Washington was beautiful and Pacific Raceways was a great location for Forum Fest. Drifting, drag racing, and a car show. What else could you ask for? Well, for the rain to hold out.

The cars in the Pacific Northwest are something else, and so is the rain. It started pouring about an hour and half after showing up. And it didn’t let up the rest of the day.

Next year, we hope for more sunshine because what we saw was pretty awesome. Learn about the return trip and WaterWerks on the Green next week.

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Words and Video by Trent Bray, Photos by Michael Chandler, Nick Cherpeski, and Tommy Ratsipasith

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