March 23, 2023

Four Features and a Beetle

In the decade we’ve been doing this, we’ve featured Omar three times (2 of his Accords and his Merc) and only one Porsche. Well, to kick off our 10th year we’re going to give Omar his 4th bit of shine, and Big Daddy Dave Tran his first. Yeah, despite Dave having some amazing Hondas we’ve never gotten him on these hallowed internet pages. WELL THAT CHANGES TODAY!

This is the second time we’ve seen Omar’s NSX, and he did the one thing I wanted him to do since Gavin and I drove it

He put some real tires on it! He also threw on a set of Work Meister S1’s, which is solid move considering the TE37’s he had on there.

Dave has had quite the pedigree himself. He owns a glorious example of an S2000, he pulled up in a pretty badass RSX when I bought my Thinktank photo bag from him (still using it btw), and now he’s stepped into some grown man game stuff.

Not only has he picked up a 997 generation Porsche 911 Carrera 4S, he threw some goddamn TE37s on there! THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT, FOLKS!

Both of our guys are planting themselves in a set of RECAROs, because… well, that’s just what you do when you’re driving vehicles that represent high water marks of their manufacturer or of the era.

Omar continued to jazz up the interior of his NSX, while Dave is keeping it mostly factory. Considering it is a Porsche, that’s not a bad thing.

This pandemic has made it hard to see our friends. It’s made it hard for me, considering I see most of you at meets, track and drift days, and other related things. So it was nice to be able to hang out with Dave and Omar for a bit at this undisclosed location. It was even nicer to get tacos with Omar at Tacos Lopez in West Jordan, I suggest you go check them out if you want some kick ass tacos. Hopefully we’ll be able to see each other sooner, rather than later, but in the meantime check out this gallery from our shoot. Find Dave and Omar on Instagram

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