November 27, 2022

Genuflection: Acura NSX

Modified Acura NSX
/ˌdʒɛnyʊˈflɛkʃən/ [jen-yoo-flek-shuhn]
an act of bending the knee or touching it to the ground in reverence or worship.

I was looking back on cars that I adored growing up, and some stuck out more than others. I thought of the Twin Turbo Triplets(300ZX,Supra,3000GT VR4), and although one of them influenced me more than the others(more on that another time), a Naturally Aspirated car stuck out in my mind as a car I lusted after more than those. Despite this car’s shortcomings, I still lust after it today, the one and only Acura NSX.

The NSX at the time set the world on fire and gave credence to Acura having some credibility in the sports car market, and in my opinion, set the stage for the 94-01 Acura Integra to become a sporty FWD icon. It had 270HP which at the time was a big deal from an N/A motor and an aspirational 8,000RPM redline!

Thoughts of a red one of these parked in my driveway were racing through my mind. Unfortunately Honda let the NSX languish and didn’t give it the proper updates it deserved, much like the fate of the S2000. And even with rumors of a new NSX surfacing every few months, none will capture the glory quite like the original NSX. One day I will own one of these cars.

-Trent Bray

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