October 23, 2020

Happy 8/6 Day!

Courtesy of Toyota


Ah, August 6.  A day that means nothing to most people, but holds a special place in our hearts.  Why? Because today we celebrate the most fun 106hp and a solid axle could provide: the AE86 chassis Corollas!

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Yes, the lowly mighty Corolla.  Formerly cheap, still rear wheel drive, a delightful drift car and road racer.  Able to swallow any motor, from a hopped up stock four cylinder all the way up to a NASCAR V8, these are the little cars that said “Mash the throttle pedal, ignore the brake and kick that clutch like it owes you money.  We’re gonna have some fun”

GT Live Day 1 (28 of 38)

So far you’ve just seen photos of them drifting, or emitting horses from under the hood, but they road race.  They road race hard.  In Japan they had the N2 Series, which was nothing but hopped up Corollas battling other hopped up Corollas in a blur of bright colors and box flares.  It was epic.  But it only lasted two years… in the mid 80’s.  But people kept on building the Corollas to the defunct N2 specifications.  In 1988 TRD caught wind of this, and decided to hold an annual N2 race on the legendary Tsukuba Circuit.


And so here we are today, discussing the long legacy of a car that has gained fame as a road racing car, drift machine, and tofu delivery vehicle.  Do you have any fun AE86 stories?  Pictures, video?  If you do, share them!  Sharing is caring, especially on this unofficial holiday.

Words and photos by Michael Chandler.


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