January 22, 2021

How About a Giveaway?

NASA Utah Round 7 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-9

Ok gang, here’s the deal: at last year’s NASA Utah awards banquet I won a free day garage rental.  Hooray!  Unfortunately I don’t have time or money to make use of it, and since the season is almost over, I figure that there’s someone who could ACTUALLY use it.  Who am I gonna give it to?  Well, that’s where you guys come in.

NASA Utah Round 7 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-10

Just drop a comment below and I’ll draw a name out of a hat Friday at 6pm.  Literally.  I’ll write all your names on bits of paper, throw them in a hat, mix them all up, then draw a winner.  This is open to anyone who can see this AND will be driving in the final event of the NASA Utah season.  HPDE, TT, Wheel to Wheel, whatever.  If you’re registered to drive, you’re eligible to put your name in and maybe win a sweet day garage rental.

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14 thoughts on “How About a Giveaway?

  1. Thanks for including our car in the story! We use the garages at MMP for every event. Thanks for the continuing excellent coverage of all of NASA Utah’s races! – Toby Crawford

  2. Thanks for the awesome pictures and coverage of our NASA Utah events!
    Don’t put my name in the hat, we already have a tech garage, and I’m claustrophobic.

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