November 27, 2022

Inside Dave’s Unit

Before Trent, Tommy and Dave abandoned me left for their SF trip, Dave and I went up to his storage unit to grab some stuff that he had sold/is selling.  Now, we’ve known Dave for many years but this provided a look into…  Well, we already knew this but here’s a chance for you to get a little glimpse into what is going on in Dave’s unit, nay head…  STORAGE UNIT!!!  MIND!!!  Stupid double entendres…

He has three cars in there in various states of togetherness.  A SN95 Mustang Cobra (theft recovery), a Mitsubishi Starion TSi (on its second head gasket) and his FC RX7 convertible (no engine, but no drive shaft either).  The Starion is the closest thing to a drivable car in there, which makes sense considering it was the last thing put in there.

He also has remnants of projects past in there, such as the “Ghetto Bastard” CRX which sported an exhaust off of an EF Civic sedan.  

Dave has a lot of goofy, weird stuff in his garage, which makes sense because Dave (like the rest of us) is a goofy, weird guy.  We’re proud to have Dave on board, and we’re rather excited to see what he pulls out of his head/unit next.  STORAGE UNIT!  Son of a!…

Words and photos by Michael Chandler

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