March 23, 2023

Interview: Nip N Tuck Performance

CAM Nip N Tuck LogoNip N Tuck Performance is a small shop in Orem, UT. They offer a lot of services: custom wiring harnesses, wire tucks, full track car harnesses, automotive electrical diagnosing and repair, general auto mechanics and diagnosing including, tune-ups, timing belts, clutches, engine repair, head gaskets, front-end and suspension repair or installation, performance part installation, minor upholstery repair and upholstery kit installing (meaning if you buy a pre-made kit from online or the dealer they can install it), engine swaps, transmission swaps, and repair. Or if you’re like me, they’ll make your car drive-able again.

Full Disclosure: I took my Subaru to them to have my CV axles replaced. Dustin did a good job,found some other things wrong with my 13 year old, 210,000 mile+ Legacy Outback, and let mewander around the shop while he worked.

Dustin Patten Nip N Tuck PerformanceDustin Patten is the owner and sole employee of the quaint little shop. After I finished shooting the photos of the shop he sat down and answered a few questions.

CAM: When did this place open?
Dustin: Officially or technically?

CAM: When did you start doing business, and when did you officially start doing business?
Dustin: Well, I started in my garage probably… three years ago. We had our other location open in November 2009.

nipntuck shop tools

CAM: And this one is gonna be officially open in two weeks?
Dustin: No, we uh, this one’s actually officially opened… I wanna say it was September 2010. We officially moved in here…actually I lied, it was 8/23/2010. That was when we were officially issued a license and everything in here. We’ve been putting everything together, trying to make it presentable for the grand opening. Well that, and I wanted the warm weather as well.

CAM: Warm weather definitely helps. Why did you start a shop?
Dustin: I didn’t really want to start a shop.

nipntuck shop CAMAutoMag

CAM: It just kinda happened?
Dustin: I just kind of just got too busy in the garage.

CAM: So you had to move out of the house and into some place else.
Dustin: Yeah, my wife wanted a house. The house we were renting we were renting from my dad. I didn’t figure I could do it once we moved out. I wasn’t gonna be able to have another shop out of my garage in a nice, new neighborhood. I said I better start to figure something else out to where I can start doing more business.

nipntuck evo srt4 CAMAutoMag

CAM: So you can start doing more business, and not have the wife yell at you because everyone’s cars are parked on the front lawn.
Dustin: Yeah! Ha ha She wanted her own garage… Finally

CAM: What project are you most proud of?
Dustin: Randy Gibb’s car.

CAM: What sets you apart from other shops?
Dustin: I understand mechanical and electrical. And I’m the biggest one-man shop I know.

nipntuck office

As far as the future goes, the plan is to keep busy and most likely hire some additional hands to help out with customers’ cars… And to finish the weather machine, move forward with Project Arcturus which is the complete take over the eastern seaboard.

-Michael Chandler

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