September 27, 2022

It Plays: 2005 Scion xB

Slammed Scion xB CAMAutoMagOnce upon a time, Nik, the owner of this 2005 Black Cherry Pearl Scion xB, had a Skyline. Back when he and his wife lived in Okinawa, Japan they both had turbo 5 speed Skylines, and very little money. Nik and his R32 GTS-T had a few too many run-ins with the cops, so his wife made him agree to buy a car that wouldn’t get him thrown in jail. And that is how he came to own his xB, which he calls “STATUS:LOW” Follow us after the jump for more on this xB.


Scion xB STATUS:LOWThe xB sits on zero offset XXR 513 wheels, 16×8 all around, wrapped in Federal tires. Custom K-Sport coilovers with rear shocks provided the low, while an Ingalls camber kit, -5 degree REALcamber camber shims and 2ZERO6 Factory 10mm hub spacers help keep rubbing to a minimum. A TRD rear sway bar helps out and an AirLift air shock controller keeps the rear shocks in check.

Tuner Scion xB

The USDM Scion badges have been ditched in favor of JDM Toyota bB badges. The rear wiper has also been ditched, but nothing replaces it except a plug. Purple HIDs replace the factory headlights and LEDs have replaced all the other exterior lights, including “switchback” corner lights. The fenders have been pulled and rolled to accommodate the new stance and the OEM grill has been blacked out. An Okinawa license plate provides a bit of nostalgia up front and some self candied OEM tail lights provide a bit more flash out back.

Lowered Toyota bB

Inside is a MOMO racing wheel and hub adapter. Odd for a car that makes as much power as a Briggs and Stratton riding lawnmower. There’s various JDM fur, leather, and diamond bits throughout the cabin as well as a hard to miss 10” crystal shift knob. Another larger than normal item is the 300mm Broadway mirror, which has pictures of Nik and his wife. The car was broken into a while back and had $3000 worth of stuff stolen out of it. After that Nik threw on a Viper 2-way alarm and upgraded the stereo.

Modified Scion xB

It isn’t a Skyline, but people still want to race his 100hp beast. When not being challenged by every Civic/Sentra/Miata, he is challenged by driving a car this low in Utah. He’s driven it long enough to know how to get around most things, but that hasn’t prevented him from getting stuck on the occasional speed bump or parking lot exit.

Stanced Scion CAM

Is this the greatest Scion ever? Not by a long shot. Is it better than the majority? …Yeah, and that’s why we say it plays.

-Words and Photos by Michael Chandler


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