February 2, 2023

It Plays: Subaru BRZ

Subaru BRZ
Most of us have seen a Subaru BRZ on the road by now, but how many have been modified? I’m not talking about tinted tails or stickers, I’m talking lowered on Volk Racing wheels modified.
Lowered BRZ
Obviously I’m leading into this edition of “It Plays”. Brody, the owner of this BRZ doesn’t mess around. You’ve no doubt seen his white WRX track car in our coverage of Lap Battle. That car has been HEAVILY modified, but Brody swears he enjoys the gas mileage on this car too much to get crazy with it.

BRZ on Volk CE28N
And you can’t blame him for not modifying it too much when he has a track car(WRX) to play with, and a weekend car(DR30 Skyline) to enjoy.

Slammed Subaru BRZ
So far the car is just being enjoyed with some Volk Racing CE28N wheels, Tein coilovers, tint, and a modified 3rd brake light. It’s looking just right.

BRZ Fender

Words and Video by Trent Bray, Photos by Michael Chandler

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