November 27, 2022

Japanese Classic Car Show

Last weekend was the Japanese Classic Car Show in Long Beach, California.  We were all busy with other things, but Aaron Cleverly (frequent reader, and now contributor) made the trip and brought back some photos for us

JDM Legends has a rebigulator!  And the skills to make a full scale car off of a car that only exists as a Hot Wheels car.

A Kenmeri Skyline came out to bask in the sun

And a Hakosuka with a surprise under the hood

I don’t know which Datsun is prettier, but I wouldn’t say no to either one if they showed up in my driveway.

And it wouldn’t be a classic Japanese car show without Toyotas.  They made some of the most beautiful cars to ever come off the Japanese islands.

More photos are up on the Facebook, give em a look.  You won’t be disappointed

Photos by Aaron Cleverly, words by Michael Chandler

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