January 24, 2021

JDM Legends 2018 Season Closer

It’s the middle of November.  The NASA season is over, the Salt City Drift season ended on Saturday, and JDM Legends threw an end of the season meet on the same day.  Because I had my fill of driving out to Utah Motorsports Campus for the year, I made my way to Murray for the JDM Legends meet.

Parking is at a premium at the shop, so pretty much everyone (myself included) was parking on the street.  And of course I manage to park behind 2 Focus RS’s.  One of which was red, which is a rare color.  Or so I’ve been told.  After snapping the photo, I began to make my way down to the shop.  Snapping photos along the way.

I finally arrived, and after talking to some friends, I made my way around the meet.  There were some interesting things here, one of which was watching the crowd part as someone was leaving, or just moving their car.  But there were other interesting things that weren’t watching people move out of the way of a Cosmo.

There was this legal R33 Skyline.  It wasn’t a GTR, because those aren’t eligible for import yet*, but this was still something cool to see.

This gorgeous 911 was just hanging out.

This FD was packing a big, single turbo, and some neat details.  Check out how that headlight cover has an inlet that feeds the turbo!

And then there was Doug’s little turbo Chevy Sprint.  Such a rad little thing!

And then there was this: a Pandem kitted E46 M3.  Those big over-fenders are filled with Volk ZE40s covered in Toyo R888s, with giant Brembos behind them, and a set of Ohlins coilovers behind those.  It was awesome to see this thing pull in.

Enough talk, here’s the gallery from the meet:

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